How Google Significantly Affects Our SEO Effort

Much of our SEO effort is affected by Google’s policy, because we obtain much less traffic from Bing and Yahoo. As an example, there’s a possibility that we get penalized by paying for links. However, there are things we can do to bend the rule. As an example, many advertising networks seek payment for online marketing campaign. Some of these networks provide dofollow links for specified amount of time. In general, it is a legitimate thing to do and by paying, we won’t get banned, because Google can’t blame advertising network for listing our website. However, Google will immediately removed our website from its index if we purchase buying low quality links with no value in bulk.

It is actually not true that Google prioritizes only good content. .Although everyone would agree that excellent content should be considered as the cornerstone of having a proper website, it is also important to consider other factors. Online branding is essential for any website and we should make sure that the website is recognizable enough that it could get a steady stream of traffic from many directions. With many SEO methods, it is possible that we will rank well in search engines. We should know that Google actually penalizes certain websites due to some factprs. In fact, website owners only realize this when they see massive drops in traffic. When they check thir search results, it is clear that they have been placed in lower position in search results.

How Google Significantly Affects Our SEO Effort

Many websites have been penalized because they break rules by engaging in unethical methods such as spamming and gaining improper inbound links. However, there is a possibility that we obtain significant amount of links in short time, because we obtain sudden exposure from a trusted website or popular TV show. But often, our position will be restored if Google senses that these new links are actually genuine. We should also know that Google regularly changes its internal algorithm and this practice can be quite disastrous for some websites. As an example, the infamous Penguin and Panda updates have wreaked havoc on many websites, causing changes in ranks. But it is possible to regain our position after a few months, if our website obtains its content and links legitimately.

Whatever we do, it is important for us to resist any temptation to choose spammy methods. Many people blame Google when they are penalized, but they may not be aware that they have performed less than adequate practices. It is not true that websites that is included in Adwords program will get preferential treatments. Adwords won’t boost our rankings and it is simply a way to advertise our website in specific areas. In any search page, we could see that Adwords box is placed on top of the search result and consumers will notify that they are seeing an advertising, not the actual search result. Adwords will boost our traffic, but once we stop using the service, we will see that our traffic will go back to normal.

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