How Hypnosis Eradicates Fear Of Public Speaking?

Fear of public speaking is actually a kind of illogical state of mind. In this situation, people could be overwhelmed by irrational fears. This could be caused by subconscious triggers, such as fear of being ridiculed. Many people are consciously ready for public speaking, but it is often necessary to access the subconscious mind and remove any trigger. Fear of public speaking doesn’t really make much sense and if we are the expert in the field, we should be well-prepared. It is important to know when our body start to react with complete panic and this could happen when our heart starts to race.

Minutes before we are asked to speak in front of the audience, many of us start to hyperventilate and it is possible that we can’t breathe. Our hands become damp and they start to shake. We could also begin to blush and sweat. Our mind goes blank and our voice change. This could happen suddenly without warning, even if we are absolutely confident that we are ready for public speaking. It will take special methods to overcome this hidden fear and taking anti-depressants and other similar medication won’t be helpful. Psychological solutions are harmless to our body, but choosing the right methods could be difficult. Determining triggers and addressing them are a very slow process and require numerous sessions with the psychiatrists.

How Hypnosis Eradicates Fear Of Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy should provide us with the fast and reliable solution to dissolve our irrational fear. In fact, with one hypnotherapy session, many people already feel significant improvements and they feel much less fear during public speaking. In fact, hypnotherapy could change fear into excitement. Optimal public performance could be established through self-esteem and self-confidence. Irrational fears could also be triggered by early trauma, especially during childhood. Early panic could be stored in our subconscious mind and it is actually a natural survival mechanism. This will allow our body to take the fight or flight response immediately.

When there’s real danger, we often don’t have the time to think and our subconscious mind will ensure that our body is ready to respond to potentially dangerous threats. However, speaking in front of the audience isn’t a harmful activity, so we could safely remove this mechanism. With proper hypnosis sessions, we could start to experience significant improvements. As an example, we no longer feel the butterflies in our stomach. We won’t have that hot feeling our face, our hands will be dryer and our heart rate will be more stable. After a few more sessions, we could actually start to expect to speak in front of the audience, because we see it as an exciting activity.

Our mind is actually a big, vast computer and it is where much of our life is stored. With deep hypnosis, we should be able to revisit some of the less satisfactory experiences in the past. We should try to let go of any fear that we experience during childhood and we need to desensitise our mind, when it is exposed to external triggers. Fear could actually be transformed into excitement and we could become a highly effective public speaker through hypnosis.

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