How to Anticipate and Prevent Depression?

Depression is often considered as a negative state of mind, but it’s actually essential to our survival. Depression is essentially a warning system to alert us that it’s time to flee and stop fighting. We need to rest our mind, accept the situation and forgive. People tend to choose the most convenient way of achieving something. We tend to choose direct route or the one with the least resistance. This is a way to achieve things more efficiently with the least amount of stress. People tend to stress about something when they meet unexpected difficulty. Eventually, stress will build up and reach critical mass and depression emerges. When we succumb to depression, it is often the time to realize that we need to retreat or at least find a new way to circumvent an obstacle. It should be noted that some people could persist to continue what they are doing due to specific reasons. In this case, it is important to be aware that stress is essentially a precursor for depression. Depression is actually a good way to prevent our body and mind from being exposed to too much stress.

How to Anticipate and Prevent Depression

Our body needs a proper equilibrium and we should be able to prevent any kind of desire that could wreak havoc on our mind. In many cases, desire could actually fuel stress and make it become more intensified. Just like stress, there’s no way we can completely eliminate desire, because it is an essential part of our personal growth. What we need to do is manage desire, by removing bad desire and encouraging good desire. The more interesting thing is to identify bad desires and find ways to remove them. In this case, we will be able to appreciate things in life and quickly identify things that can be associated with stress and depression. As stated above our body needs equilibrium, so it is important to expect specific mental and physical responses during different situations. It’s natural for living organisms, including people, to take a path with the least resistance. This is an attempt to conserve energy and gain the most benefits with the least efforts. We should be aware that anxiety and depressive moods can be quite difficult to handle.

We should be aware when fear starts to enter our mind and stress level becomes somewhat overwhelming. There are dreadful prognosis and diagnosis that could stress us. People are struggling with more demand and we often need to monitor activity. We should look for ways to protect ourselves from reaching a dangerous level of depression. Each person has different state of equilibrium and we need to sustain balance. In essence, we should try to find consistency and it can be difficult to reach this goal. In many cases, when stress level has been elevated and become quite unbearable, acceptance and forgiveness are two things that often can prevent us from succumbing into depression. When people have accepted their situations, it’s much easier for them to manage their social and personal affairs.

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