How Your Employees May Be Abusing Smartphone Privileges

When employees come to work, employers want them to give their 100% to work only. However, the former do exactly opposite of what’s expected and instead waste their time on non-work activities, with smartphone abuse being the biggest culprit. This intolerable yet common workplace behavior has grown to the extent of becoming a pandemic, making it imperative for employers to take counter measures, thus explaining the growing trend of employee monitoring through apps like Mobistealth. However, conclusively fighting the problem isn’t possible unless it’s clearly understood. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how employees abuse smartphone privileges at workplace.

How Your Employees May Be Abusing Smartphone Privileges

Social Networking

Social networking sites are extremely addictive, so it’s hardly a surprise to see employees logging into their accounts frequently through the day. A bit of leniency can be shown. However, things start to get ugly when employees forget that they have work to do as well. They keep on wasting their time without any repercussions, which affects the overall performance of the organization. You can minimize the use of social networking at office by deploying monitoring apps like Mobistealth. Apps like these allow you to monitor whatever’s happening on employees’ smartphones. This way you can single out the people misusing their privileges and penalize them.


Both SMS and instant messaging apps have made communication a whole lot easier and frequent. Now people can stay in touch with their friends all the time. This is impressive, but it’s not very helpful when employees end up spending most of their day communicating with their friends while ignoring pending tasks. This problem can also be resolved with the help of monitoring tools. You can deploy such apps companywide and then monitor the excessive communications that are taking place during work hours.

Personal Calls

Personal calls are one of the most abused privileges at workplace. Employees waste a large chunk of their time talking to their friends, family, and partners without giving even a thought to their work. This has become a norm at a number of companies. They call anyone at will and talk to them for hours on end. The worst part of all this is that employers can’t do anything about it because in most cases, they aren’t even aware of what’s going on. Employers have their own stuff to take care of, which is why they usually don’t pay heed to these issues, but it’s about time they start taking their workplace environment seriously. Taking a call or calling someone to talk for a few minutes is fine, but when that call drags on for hours, then you know you have got a serious problem on your hand. This practice not only affects the business, it also affects the employees around that particular individual. Penalizing that particular individual will put things in order and will boost the confidence amongst other people.

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