Meet The World’s Tallest Buildings

Earlier, in the ancient time people were built largest constructions without some advanced technologies we still doesn’t know what kind of technology was used by them to build the beautiful historical constructions like pyramids, big rock statures, temples and other historical monuments. Even in this advanced technical generation architecture, engineers are using best practices to construct the tallest building with advanced Eco friendly. Each country has its own engineering methodologies and engineers with world class principles to implement in building the tallest constructions. They are strong, eco friendly, environmental friendly and advanced. Here the few tallest buildings around the world that amazed people around the globe.

Burj Khalifa

Meet The World's Tallest Buildings

Completed Year-2010

Height – 2,717 feet

Location – Dubai, UAE.

At present it is world’s most popular tallest building with fantastic architectural planning. It has 162 stores with vertical racing height, the construction includes both local culture and advanced cutting-edge technologies. It has best tourist environment and business possibility conditions in the desert environment. That’s what made the Burj Khalifa a world favorite tallest building among the all tallest buildings. It has an implementation of cutting down the high winds that blow with extreme power at such heights, which is an inspiration of basic nature principles. The building contains a retail market space, complexes, shopping malls, offices, residential homes, hotels and many other fascinating things. Many other eco friendly technologies like sky sourced ventilation system, condensate recovery systems.

Shanghai Tower

Meet The World's Tallest Buildings

Completed Year – 2015

Height – 632M

Location – Shanghai SH, China

This is the second tallest building till now and tallest building in the china. The design and architecture of the building are like a snake walk, it spirals way upward. For each floor in the building it takes an a degree turn to reduce the wind effect on the building, it also important for the building to defend against the wind forces at such heights and typhoons which frequently occurs. The inner design of the building bit costs reduced and advantageous to people inside the building, the construction is one the best engineering skills involved.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Meet The World's Tallest Buildings

Completed Year – 2012

Height – 1,972 feet

Location – Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This modern monument located in the heart of the holiest place for Muslims, Mecca. This Islamic city has the highest population density with the Muslims devotees. This royal clock tower is actually a hotel which provides accommodations for Muslim when they visit to Mecca an holy place for them. It was built as a component of the king abdulaziz endowment project, it is very near to the most famous Grand Mosque, which can hold up to 2M devotees at the time of the main event.

One World Trade Center

Meet The World's Tallest Buildings3

Completed Year – 2014

Height – 1,776 feet’s

Location – NY city, USA.

The building is another great engineering construction work in the USA. It has entrances on all four sides of it, it has been designed to mingle smoothly with traffics and streets. The base of the building has the same original twin towers blue print. The center of the building inside a perfect pentagonal shape, the tower has 69 stores.

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