Proper Eating Strategy During Holiday Season

In reality, holiday season can be quite challenging for some people, especially if they are still trying to maintain their body weight. This could be unfortunate, because food is often a central part of any celebration. In this case, we should make sure that holiday will have less impact to our waistline and our overall health. In this case, we need to be realistic and we should make sure that we could avoid gaining weight, if it is very difficult to reduce it during holiday season. It could take plenty of effort even when we try to maintain our body weight. This could mean more walks and fewer snacks. Family gathering could be important during holiday season, so we should be prepared for it.

However, it is important that we don’t skip meals, although that we are tempted to do it. As an example, we could eat a couple slices of bread and some fruit during breakfast to maintain our metabolism, so our body will still burn calories effectively. In fact, people who skip meals are more likely to over-indulge, causing them to eat more than necessary. It is also a good idea to have some light snack that’s high in fiber and low in calories. As an example, low-fat cheeses and flavourful crackers are tasty during the afternoon. In general, we should try to get plenty of fiber and this will allow us to feel longer and quicker

Proper Eating Strategy During Holiday Season

Holiday season is also a time for travelling and we should pack healthy food. It is important to note that airport food isn’t cheap and they are often not healthy. By packing enough food, we shouldn’t get starved and if we need to bring something more substantial, we could pack chicken or tuna sandwich with dryer vegetables, such as lettuce and shredded cabbage, so they will last longer. It is also important to go easy on the alcohol and it is important to keep our serving size small. It is important to avoid overindulging ourselves by drinking too much alcohol. Alternatively, we could bring lemon mint tea with less sugar content that’s kept cool inside the thermos. In general, we should stop when we are feeling full and this could be very hard to do, because everything seems to taste really good during the holiday season. We should determine when we actually feel full, so we could avoid leaving some food on our plate.

When cooking, we should make smart choices and it is important to opt for low-fat solutions. In fact, with proper cooking methods, it can be difficult tell difference between normal and low-fat dishes, with regard to taste and appearance. Spices could add extra zing to our dishes. Overall, we should try to eat light and make good choices, so we will be able to maintain our body weight during the crucial holiday season. It is important to stay positive and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up. It is quite likely that we will get off track, but we should be able to immediately rectify our mistakes, because we need to accept that there are so many temptations during the holiday season.

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