Small Web Design Mistakes That Designers Do

There are times when we don’t really need web designers for our website. First off, we should know what typical web designers would do for us. In this case, they are essentially highly skilled people with experience to produce appealing designs for our website that suit both viewers and clients. They are also able to construct the website coding and this allows search engine bots to travel through the website structure without problems. In this case, we could hire a web designer because we want to save ourselves a huge amount of money. We should be able to acquire the best achievable designs for our website. Good design should encompass our website and proprietors should be able to connect with our website for better results. Without proper designs, it is possible that our website fails to deliver results. Some websites could look impressive from outside, but we could find out that they need to be redone fully. We should also make sure that our website is properly configured, as an example, there a few settings, such as Robots: Noindex. In this case, we are telling all search engine bots to stay away.

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It is important for us to embed text inside an image to improve appearance in search engine results. Search bots will first enter through our home page and they will try to get all the text. At the moment, bots still can’t properly, gather and recognize images properly. The name of the image should contain its primary keywords and we should also use alt text image to let people know about the image when they disable image views in their web browser. We may take this one step further by adding a description under the image and this will be used by bots as an explanation about the page. Unique images with good descriptions and naming will be shown in Image libraries. In fact, many websites gain traffic not only from normal text searches, but also from image searches. In this case, we shouldn’t forget to add unique images in each webpages, because they could further enhance traffic. One of the biggest mistakes designers do is by mistreating the markup tags. In this case, these tags are used to notify search engines about specific content.

Many web designers fail to use the <h> tags properly and they don’t organize them well. As an example, <h1> tag should be used as the main title of the webpage, while <h2>, <h3>, etc could be used as sub-headings. When planning the layout of our website, we should assign each level of <h> tag for definite purpose. This will result in consistent utilization across all pages inside the website. When people see specific line of text at specific size, font and boldness; they will know whether it is a main title or sub-heading. In many cases, we should also be able to maintain consistency by using CSS code properly. It allows us to make changes rapidly by changing only a single CSS file.

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