Things We Should Know About SEO

There are things that we should know about SEO. As an example, title tags are not hidden from search engine bots. Things that Google and other major search engine services see on our website are also visible to users. In SEO, title is also quite essential, because it determines the topic of our webpage. This will help ranking in our search results and people will also know what they will get from a webpage.

We should also know that usability has effects in SEO performance. The main purpose of SEO is to gain traffic in suitable quantity by improving the usability of our website. We should be able to entertain our readers longer in the website and they are more likely to buy our services products. It means that usability goes hand in hand with our SEO campaign.

Things We Should Know About SEO

If it is very hard for people to navigate our website, they will go to other websites in the search results. In fact, search engines are analyzing websites based on their usability and layout. If viewers find it difficult to navigate a website, crawlers will think the same. It means that bad usability has real effects on our search engine rankings. Many of us also think that .gov and .edu provide the best backlinks for our website. It is true that .gov and .edu websites have high authority and they are well ranked. However, we should make sure that they don’t contain spam and well maintained. Lesser .gov and .edu websites have no effect on our websites if they improperly maintained. In fact, it is better to get backlinks from a common blog that is respected by many readers.

It is important to consider that SEO isn’t only about how many backlinks we have. It is commonly believed that inbound links significantly affect search engine results. In reality, Facebook, Bing and Google provide ranking based on multiple factors. It is important for us to properly address any available factor. In fact, linking strategy is only one of the puzzles in the complex SEO campaign. We should know that each link has its own quality and value. It means that it could be better to have a few dozens of links with moderate quality than hundreds with almost no value. In fact, our website could get penalized for spamming attempt if it contains thousands of links in a short period of time from many websites, including irrelevant ones.

In fact, many website owners make mistake by thinking that backlinks are more essential than content. Although they do think that content is more important, they actually spend more time building links that creating interesting content that people will read. In reality, SEO costs time and we would waste our effort if we have less than adequate content. Even if people do visit our website, they are unlikely to return if our website is less interesting. Quality is essential and we will lose plenty of benefits if we are only focusing only on building links and forget about good content.

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