Understanding How Ticket Management System works

A Ticket Management system focuses on helping your customers and makes your life easier by helping you deal with all the issues which may crop up in your business. It has all the features to make sure that the tickets go to the right place, so that they are resolved efficiently resulting in the smooth functioning of your business. A good ticket management system provides your customers amazing helpdesk services to keep them loyal to your company. Let us have a closer look at how the ticket management system actually works.

Every business encounters problems while dealing with its customers and employees. They may have certain issues with the services and operations of the company. Most companies, nowadays, have this best open source helpdesk software, so that these issues can be reported timely. The complainant just needs to access the site’s help desk, with a single click, and send a trouble ticket. But what next? What happens to this ticket at the backend?

Understanding How Ticket Management System works

The Mechanism of Ticket Management System:

  • The ticket system is designed to organize the issues as they are reported. The problems are classified into some pre-defined categories so that they can be easily addressed by the concerned department or technicians.
  • Along with organizing, a repository is also maintained of all the issues which have been already resolved.
  • Now let us assume that a customer is facing a problem while tracking his order. He will simply send the trouble ticket from the help desk software and the ticket will be sent to the concerned department, at the backend, where that particular kind of an issue can be resolved.
  • As soon as the problem is fixed, the reporter is notified about it.
  • Once an issue is resolved, the ticket is archived, such that each resolved ticket can be searched again for future reference. Hence, if a similar issue arises again, then it can be resolved by referring to past issues, without wasting much time on the whole research process again.
  • This system solves two purposes. The complainant has the knowledge that his problem has been addressed and the management has an idea about the problems being resolved with efficacy.

Role of Emails in Handling Customer Related Issues

If the complaints are handled through emails, the complainant has no idea if his message has been read, or if his issue has been fixed. Moreover, the complaints are not even organized so it becomes difficult to keep a track of all, when they are placed at a single place. Even if the problem gets fixed, the customer is not notified about it, which can be quite frustrating.

While using emails as a sole way to handle complaints can prove to be quite inefficient, using them to maintain communication with the clients can be fruitful. Some ticket management systems provide email-to-ticket integration which helps  convert emails into tickets. All the information can be conveniently stored in one location and once the problem is resolved, the person can be notified using the same email address.

Benefits of Ticket Management System to the Businesses

The success of a business depends greatly on the way the ticket management system works. It has profound effects on any business, some of which are discussed below:

Saves Precious Time and Efforts

Handling all the issues manually consumes a lot of time, money and efforts. This system automates every task required to resolve the problem and save the customers from any kind of inconvenience they might face. This reduces any possible errors and increases the productivity and quality of work.

Gives Way to Multitasking

Several issues can be addressed simultaneously as they are well organized and classified into certain kinds. So, the problems which have the same solutions can be resolved at once, without wasting much time in doing the research work for each of them.

A Single Stop Solution for Customers

It provides a single stop for your customers to send the tickets and view the status of their complaints. They do not have to go through lengthy and time-consuming procedures to get their complaints registered and then wait for a response. They get to know the progress of their complaint conveniently which assures them of a satisfying solution.

Ability to Track the Time Taken by Technicians

The time taken by the technicians to resolve issues can be tracked and they can be alloted the work, they are good at, to avoid any type of delays in the future. This  increases the efficiency with which the complaints are being handled by the company.

Prioritization of Work

Due to better organization of the tickets, the work can be prioritized. The issues which need immediate attention can be well taken care of without any delay.

Can be Customized based on your Needs

This system has several built-in features through which you can customize your services according to the requirements of your business and customers. Hence, it proves to be of great importance as compared to the traditional methods.


Through all this information, it is very clear that various web help desk software simplify the interactions with the customers and the employees. They provide the functionalities for the smooth working of the businesses. They are no longer an option, but a necessity for a fast growing business. The most important advantage which the companies cannot afford to ignore is the customer satisfaction they provide. Along with providing help to the companies, they also keep the customers contented with their performance. When all the customer issues are resolved timely, they will always have faith in the companies, they are dealing with.

In this fast moving world, no one settles for anything that provides slow services. If not satisfied, the customers will definitely move to something better.  So, it is understood that the Ticket Management System is a far better way of handling the customer and employee issues as compared to the traditional methods.

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