10 Things You Must Know To Avoid Screwing Up When Drainage Problem Happens Next Time

Some of the top drainage specialists across the UK reveal their piece of advice on real causes of blocked drains, DIY drains unblocking ideas and more. You will not screw up on your drainage problem this after. Read on.


Be Aware Of The Location Of Main Water Hose

Every year drainage companies across the country receive so many calls from homeowners saying the drains overflowing and waste water is flooding across the house and they don’t have any clue where the main valve of water supply is located. Spot this main valve and if any time the drainage emergency occurs, turn it off first.  This will save you a big damage that may happen to your appliances, furniture, wires, etc.

Got Long Hair? Don’t Let It Fall Down The Drain

If you have a family member who is having severe hair fall problem or a one with very long hair, it is strongly recommended to use a hair snare or a drain strainer in your bathroom. Or you can simply ask the person to clear hair collected on top of the drain cover using toilet paper.

Use ‘Flushable’ Wipes? Never Flush Them

Over the many years of their drainage services, the drainage professionals have found that flushable baby wipes are one of the most primary causes of blocked toilet drains. These wipes don’t dissolve like toilet paper when coming in contact with water. You can trash them instead.

Don’t Wait Till You Regret Ignoring Running Toilet And Leaking Taps

Tiny dribbles can result in huge water wastage over time. According to drainage experts, a running toilet can cause wastage of about 200 gallons of water per day. Not only this can increase your water bill and harmful to the environment, this can be a sign of inefficiently working plumbing or drainage system which should be fixed immediately before the condition get worse and cause your larger repair bill.

Hanging Up Anything On The Plumbing Pipes Isn’t a Cool Idea

Leave the plumbing pipes as they are. If you use them to hang up clothes or any other item, it can cause cracks in the pipe.

Search For a Licensed Drainage Company

You may see so many drainage companies, mobile businesses and individuals doing online and offline ads of their business. However, not all of those local drainage services provider you will find listed in your search are having a license. Before you call out any drainage service provider, confirm if they are licensed. Having a license confirms that they are a legitimate business.

Reputation Matters!

You may find many local drainage contractors but some may lure customers with cheapest rate and they make a burn in their pockets with not-so-needed repairs or charging hourly. This is why it is important to look for a drainage company with great market reputation.

You can also seek referral from your friends, neighbors or peers. A drainage company with years of market reputation in the industry use advance CCTV drainage survey London to inspect your drains and sewers for any problems they may have. If you have a blocked drain, look for a licensed drain survey specialist with more than decade of experience in the niche.


Shortlist well-established and reputed drainage companies in your area. And request price quotes from all of them. Instead of making your selection based on the ‘cost’ factor alone, it is wise to pay a bit more to have more quality work. A professional and esteemed drainage company may charge you little higher fee initially but then they ensure first-time quality work in timely manner and you will not need to do pay hidden charges. However, don’t hire a company charging too cheap or too high from the market rate.

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