4 Ways Your Outbuilding Can Be More Sustainable

According to recent statistics from Climate Change News, the UK is more responsible for global warming than any other country. As a result, it’s vital that we start to make amends by cutting back on our contribution to the greenhouse effect wherever possible – in all aspects of our lives, at home and at work.

So what can we do to implement positive green changes when building out? Although there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach, there are a few general tips you can establish to make those first, crucial steps towards total eco-friendliness. Here’s a few for you.

1. Cut back on the Amount of manufactured Materials

With all of the technology available nowadays, we often overlook the materials we have around us.

Ditch your carbon fibre systems and look for greener materials. Natural materials such as oak and timber are incredibly sturdy and reliable as well as being kind to the environment. You can tailor your outbuilding to suit your needs still as well as fitting in with its surroundings. After all it will be outdoors!

4 Ways Your Outbuilding Can Be More Sustainable

2. Think Green!

By employing green methods when constructing your out building you’ll significantly cut back on your CO2 output. Whether you make use of a recycled materials in your office refit or make use of existing equipment, there is always a way to incorporate the old with the new when building. It is often less expensive for you to use recycled materials and greener for you and the environment.

Plus, you can always upcycle some of the materials, turn that old wooden pallet into a coffee table or use an old stable door as your office front door, the possibilities are endless once you use your imagination!

3. Keep it in keeping

Abandon the plastic and metal where it’s not needed and keep the building in keeping with its surroundings. An environmentally friendly building is a lot more sustainable for both the environment and also the end user. These small ideas can have a big impact on the world’s climate change situation. According to Recycle Now, current UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of Co2 a year, so by using more sustainable materials, this could also help to see the UK boost its use of sustainable materials.

4. Be energy-conscious.

Reducing the amount of energy you use can go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint – little changes like turning off equipment when you’re not using it, using low energy lighting and reducing the office temperature.

Incorporating tools such as solar panels into the design of your building can really help to create a more sustainable outbuilding as you would not have to rely on other electricity sources. It is a lot easier to incorporate these sustainable solutions into the beginning of a project to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with other aspects of your build and is ready to use when you are. We get more sunshine in the UK than you may even realise!

This article is written by Becky Nesbit with helpful information from Paragon Oak

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