5 Different Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

Flowers are an integral part of wedding decorations which make the venue look beautiful and appealing. We can’t imagine a wedding without flowers. There are many floral arrangements where flowers are used with appropriate combinations. The floral arrangements are often chosen by first deciding the theme of the wedding. These must be thoroughly discussed with the florists. And for that, you must make appointments with the florists and meet them one by one and decide on who could do the task well.

5 Different Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

There are many renowned florists who can help you with the flowers and help you set the floral arrangements. You need to book for next day delivery of flowers beforehand either on the telephone or on their website.

Here are a few floral arrangements commonly found in weddings; that you must discuss with the florist:

Centrepiece: You can try different decorations with flowers in weddings. The Centrepiece is the most important thing that you will see in all your wedding photos. You can use different ribbons, laces and use different jars or vases to give the Centrepieces the look you want, that would go well with the wedding theme. Like there is trend of using flowers with mismatched china.

You can also use tall candles and decorate them with flowers to give it a traditional look. Make sure that the Centrepiece is not so tall that guests are unable to look and talk to each other.

Pew ends and Aisles

Using bouquets to decorate pew ends is a nice way to decorate the spaces that may be left undecorated and make the theme visible on everywhere. You can buy potted flowers too to keep their natural look intact and make them reusable. This will make the decorations look versatile as well. You can use ribbons to decorate them or try Fairy lights.

Decorating Cakes

We have seen cakes being decorated with fresh flowers now a day. This makes it look trendy and adds to the beauty of it. You must take suggestions from the florist if you are also excited about the idea. You can use creative ways to design your table according to the cake design.

Dramatic Décor

You can apply infinite decorative ideas for your reception space. You can go for large hanging like floral chandelier as well. You can use it hanging greenery arrangements for more natural look. Use pom-poms with sprayed twigs to give it a finishing touch to your theme.

Welcome flowers

Apart from the traditional usage of flowers, there are other ways in which flowers can be used in a wedding. Welcome guests with flowers to make the wedding look classic and chic. You can use the flowers as boutonnière for men this will add charm in the party. Similarly, you can make corsages or headdresses for the female guests. This will add uniformity and will make your theme look clear and vibrant in the photos of the wedding.

Other important floral arrangements

There are many other uses of flowers in a wedding. Like for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding brunch too you need to decide the floral arrangements that can be simpler and which can be re-used provided the flowers used are really sturdy. Also, the transportation car that the bride and the groom will go home in, needs to be decorated well.

Flowers are the best way to express your feelings of happiness as well as for expressing your blessings for the marring couples. The theme of the floral arrangements should be chosen very carefully that it represents you and set the perfect tone for the day.

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