5 Major Reasons Why You Must Use VoIP Services

Bridging the gap between the new and old technology, the VoIP gateway can use as a connecting form between different lines. It is important to use it in order to add additional value to the business placing you ahead in the market. Keep reading to find out the reasons why you should use VoIP gateway.

Bridge Gap between Old and New Technology

Nowadays, VoIP gateway is used to connect the old and new technology since it acts a translator between the gateway functions. VoIP gateway acts a mediator between the analog phones and new IP PBX system. Switching to the use of VoIP gateway reduces the cost to a large extent. Along with this, it also bridges the gap between legacy PBX system and IP PBX system. Sometimes you need to include multiple telephones to your communication system, but this might be beyond the capacity of legacy PBX system. The GSM gateway enables the companies to reduce their money spend on the telephone. You can add other connection lines without any kind of changes in the current setup. You also get the opportunity to test the maximum number of PBX systems before fully using the solutions.

5 Major Reasons Why You Must Use VoIP Services

With the usage of the gateway, you can have reliable calls in a particular area even if the internet connection is unreliable or not genuine. It provides an alternative solution if you cannot use SIP trunk and wish to get all the benefits of that particular system.

Provides Lower Cost Routing

Get you VoIP system optimized to the lower cost routing as it will specifically direct your call to the provider who charges the least amount for per minute call. In the least cost routing system, the national calls are directed to the local connection and the international calls can be routed to SIP trunk. The companies can also use SIM Box gateway which contains a number of SIM cards of different mobile operators. If you make a call on the mobile number, it will be directed to the GSM gateway installed at the particular branch. However, the calls made to the service area near the company branch are directed to the specific branch through the gateway.

Backup Solution for SIP Trunk

With the advancement in the technology, the broadband connection has become more reliable than it was in the earlier days. However, there may be many problems associated with it. It is considered better to keep a PSTN connection instead of installing a telephone system at a particular location. You can experience a change from simply making and receiving phone calls.

Use as Backup Solution

Without a doubt, the fully hosted IP PBX systems are growing at a faster pace in the world of business today. The PBX system provides you a complete telecommunication system without the problem of buying additional hardware apart from the telephones themselves. One of the disadvantages of using this system is to lose the ability to make both the external and internal calls. With the use of a single gateway, it is possible to make both the external and internal calls till the connection with the system is established again.

Decrease the Burden on Server

You may want to install VoIP PBX system on an old desktop lying in your office. When this is done, the translation services add the tax charges on the processor. The grey routes being one of the internet routes can be legal for one country and illegal for the other countries. BY utilizing a VoIP gateway it becomes easier for you to handle all the translation to remove the burden from the server so that it can focus on other services.

Therefore, it is important to use VoIP gateway.

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