5 Planning Decisions That Will Make Or Break Your Child’s Birthday Party

Throw the perfect birthday party and your child won’t be able to hide the smile from their angelic face. Unfortunately if you get it wrong you’ll spend most of your time wiping away tears, so it’s absolutely essential you plan everything correctly. Although we could cover a multitude of different things, in reality there are only a few of great importance that you can’t afford to get wrong for various reasons. We’ll go over each one now, and you’ll know everything you must start planning out if the birthday party is on the horizon.

5 Planning Decisions That Will Make Or Break Your Child's Birthday Party

Deciding How Much To Spend

A child’s birthday party can work out pretty cheap, but if you don’t come up with a budget the costs can spiral out of control. The maximum amount you have to spend will affect things like where the party will take place, how many children you can invite, and the food and drink choices. Deciding on the budget itself is actually the easiest part, and it begins to get difficult when you need to stick to it. Nevertheless, you need a figure before you begin to plan things out. Do everything in your power to stick to your budget, and if you need to go over it make sure it’s only if something unexpected pops up.

Choosing The Right Venue

Choosing the right venue to throw the birthday party is perhaps the biggest decision you’ll need to make, and getting it right will mean the children remember it for years to come. With the variety of play centres, your own back garden, and hundreds of other options available it’s not easy to find the perfect location. Ultimately the final decision should rest in the hands of your child, because it’s their party so they should get to choose what to do if they’re old enough. Due to the fact there are so many choices, it’s your job to present them all so your child has more options when they’re trying to decide what they’d enjoy the most.

The Date Of The Party

Unless the birthday party is taking place during a school holiday, there is only a 2 in 7 chance you’ll be able to throw it on the day they were born. You could technically have the party at night, but in any case you’ll need to come up with a date. It’s essential so you can book the venue, hire any extra entertainment, make sure your child’s best friend is free to come, and a whole lot more. After playing around with a few dates, choose one and stick to it. Once it’s entered into the diary you can concentrate on all the different things you need to organise.

Coming Up With A Guest List

There is a good chance your child’s birthday party will overlap with someone else in their class, so you want to send out the invitations as soon as possible. You won’t have the final say in whether or not someone shows up, but at least you won’t be told one of your child’s friends can’t come because they’ve already agreed to go to another party. Your guest list will depend on things like your venue, the money you have to spend per head, and how many children you can manage, with or without help. Once it’s completed the invitations should be sent out swiftly.

What To Do About The Entertainment

In some cases, you won’t need to think too hard about this. If you’re throwing the party at a play centre the kids will run around amusing themselves. It becomes trickier if the venue you choose doesn’t serve a specific purpose, for example, if you’re having the party at home you will need to hire a clown or magician in plenty of time. You’ll need to organise games so you’re not left trying to come up with them on the day. This could also include things like a party theme, which everyone will need to know about if fancy dress is required.

It’s Finally Time To Relax

You might be running around non-stop on the day of the party, but you’ll be able to relax until then once you’ve organised everything we’ve talked about today. Planning the perfect party will also benefit you, because when you don’t have everything under control it can get very messy. The only downside is the fact you’ll have to do this every single year, but it will get easier with practice and you’ll become a skilled planner. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too, because you won’t be able to appreciate your child’s joy if you’re stressed out of your mind.

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