5 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid On Your Trip To Goa

Goa, the party capital of India and the place where fun is unlimited, is one of the most visited places in India, if not the most. The small state is happening and fun all throughout the year. This article talks about the top 5 things you should avoid doing while on your trip to this party capital.

The one place where people party like true rockstars in India is Goa. There is alcohol, drugs and sex in every party and is literally the Las Vegas of India. This is the first place that pops into one’s mind when one thinks of spending some time away and partying their socks off. The peak seasons usually see the place packed with people from all over the country and the world. The off seasons too still see people but not as much as it usually is during the peak seasons. Mumbai to Goa flights fare Indigo or any other airlines fluctuates depending on these seasons. Make your booking in advance to save some money during peak seasons. Also, before you head on for your trip to Goa, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

5 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid On Your Trip To Goa

Too much of anything is good for nothing

At least in Goa. While here, don’t carry excess baggage and don’t carry excess cash. Keep your baggage to a minimum and keep some space as I guarantee you, you will buy almost a medium sized suitcase worth of items from Goa. Don’t carry too much cash unless you need it for a specific purpose. The accommodations are cheap, meaning you do not need much money. The downside of cheap accommodation means there won’t be much to look forward to in terms of security, hence, there is no guarantee the money you leave behind in your hotel will be safely kept as you left it.

Don’t OGLE!

One of the worst thing a woman experiences in Goa is the ogling the Indian men give. Those women are not dressed to flaunt their body, but just wearing what they are comfortable in and what they are supposed to be wearing at a beach. Foreigners do not care to stare even if a woman lies topless next to them but the Indians will ogle like the women even in a one piece bikini suit. Don’t do that. If you don’t do that, that leaves out one creepy stare from the equation.

Don’t fall for the tour guides hunting for easy preys

People will always come up to talk to you in Goa. Some to strike up a genuine conversation, some to flirt with you (what happens in Goa, stays in Goa) and most of the people, to lure you into a business. These ‘tour guides’ offer you to show around, take you to places where you can buy cheap stuff (booze, drugs or any other normal items) or offer you to take you to a kick-ass party where some ‘international’ DJ is spinning the tracks and can get you in for free. Do not fall for any of those.

Don’t go overboard

Sure the booze is cheap in Goa and ‘the greens’ easily available, but know your capacity before going overboard. Indian people have a low tolerance to alcohol, remember that. Do not try to compete with the foreigners as you will be sloshed before he reaches half his capacity and you will black out before the party even starts and the others will be having fun at your expense. Be the life of the party, not the party jester.

Don’t take the taxi

The biggest mistake a first-timer makes on their trip to Goa is use the preposterously priced taxis. Hire a car or scooty and drive or ride around the places you wish to go to. A week’s stay in Goa moving around in taxis will cost you more than you spend on partying on your stay there.

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