5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help You Go Green

Our society is evolving at a rate that most of us never expected to see. Going fully green for instance, is a case in point. The realization that we need to embrace the new normal or the environment will suffer has dawned on many of us. And for this to materialize, certain changes to our lifestyles need to conform to the new norm so society can continue to prosper extremely well. Below are simple changes that must be made to decrease the negative impact that society is contributing that indirectly harms the environment.

#1 Unplug Your Electronics When Not in Use

How often are we proactive about this simple task? In most cases, we leave our phones, laptops or tablets into a wall charger plugged on end never minding charging time. Despite being fully charged, energy is still consumed which will still reflect in the monthly bill and used up the Earth’s resources. While we may argue that batteries are built with a protective system that automatically shuts-off electrical supply once complete charging is made, this system is not fool-proof. There is always the remote possibility that it will fail. And once it fails, overcharging can harm the battery and gadget. And in extreme cases of overcharging the battery may burst into flames. So, it is recommended as a safety precaution to unplug the gadget once charging is complete.

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help You Go Green

#2 Unsubscribe to Magazines/Newspapers

Society is shifting gears towards a paperless environment. People have become dependent on the Internet for content and other media that are deemed necessary for one’s need. Thus, subscription to newspapers and magazines has become futile. Unsubscribe to these publications and in so doing, you unconsciously help the environment by decreasing the consumption of paper, other natural resources, and energy that are all required to create a newspaper or magazine hard copy.

#3 Stop Using Plastic Grocery Bags

It is more convenient to pack all groceries in plastic bags. However, this practice encourages waste as plastic bags will surely end up in municipal landfills. And since plastic bags start to decompose only after a thousand years, the landfills are chock-full in no time. Break this waste proliferation cycle and contribute to the upkeep of the environment. Start bringing insulated or canvas grocery bags on your next trip to the supermarket. These types of bags are durable, strong, and can be reused on the succeeding grocery trips.

#4 Use Recycled Products or Products Made with Recycled Materials

Energy and natural resources are consumed whenever new products are created. This is one reason why the environment has suffered much in a short period. Choosing to use recycled products or products with recycled content will help reduce the rapid depletion of the Earth’s resources. So before buying specific products, check the content and always go for items that will damage the environment a little less. As such, do not limit yourself with OEM printer cartridge replacements. Opt to buy recycled ink cartridges online that undergo strict remanufacture processes to ensure quality and reliability.

#5 Donate Used Goods

Consumers have the terrible tendency to throw all unused goods away, failing to realize that these items end up taking space at our brimming landfills. Items that are still of value or gadgets that still work are better off donated to the local Salvation Army.

These are all simple lifestyle changes that gives off considerable effect to the environment. Make it a habit.

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