5 Things To Consider While Developing Your E-commerce Store

Latest surveys say that a quarter of ecommerce websites use the Magento platform because of the innumerable of benefits that it offers. Top brands like Ford, PepeJeans, Nike, Lenovo, Olympus, Vizio, etc are built on the Magento; and more and more of them are adopting it on a daily basis. If you are planning to develop a Magento ecommerce store, it would be wise to hire Magento developers from reputed firms to get a great job done. Here are 5 things to consider during your site’s development.

5 Things To Consider While Developing Your E-commerce Store

Mistakes to avoid: 

Be sure to avoid the following mistakes which when incurred during your e-store’s developmental phase can be detrimental to your business.

  • Default Home Page: Your home page should not be titled as “Home”. As per SEO rules, a primary keyword followed by the secondary one should be used. For example, an herbal products website called “Healthy Living” should entitle its home page as “Healthy Living Herbal Products”.
  • Default Description: Often e-stores use the manufacturer’s description of the product which can impart an unprofessional appearance and adversely affect your SERP rankings. Create fresh, accurate, sales-oriented and descriptive contents for this oft viewed and read page.
  • Default Magento XML Sitemap: Sitemaps are significant features across search engines. However, developers usually neglect this section or just refresh the settings while developing this on the content management system. Make sure that you custom create your site map.

Layered Navigation: 

Layered Navigation refers to the presentation of various information or options on a single page. Since such a navigation facilitates the display of all the available categories together, its offers customers the advantage of choosing their desired option effortlessly.

However, layered navigation for the developmental process can pose problems such as overlapped categories, obscured images and slow loading which can make your visitors disinterested and thus decrease your sales. As a solution to this, you can use Ajax navigation; prevent search engine crawlers from crawling your pages; and using Magento Premium Extension to remove the error.

Inferior Choice of Website Theme: 

You need to be careful in making your choice of theme for your e-store as a poor theme can spoil the entire outlook of your store. So take enough time to choose a theme that would be compatible with your e-store and would attract customers. Avoid heavy templates and dull looking themes at all costs.

Avoid Sharing of Server and Resources: 

Although Magento stores allow the sharing of resources and server with other e-stores and websites, it makes your site vulnerable to hackers. This can adversely influence your sales rates and reputation.  So, go for dedicated servers.

Unresponsive Site:

Now-a-days online purchases are increasingly made via the handy smartphones and tablets. An unresponsive layout of your store to these gadgets can be detrimental to your online businesses. So, go for a fluid layout that automatically adjusts to the varying screen sizes of gadgets.

Therefore, to reap the maximum benefits from Magento platform, be sure that you address the above-stated considerations while developing your Magento ecommerce site.

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