7 Things Women Should Never Wear To The Gym

When it comes to fitness, motivation acts as the driving force. You want to be comfortable while working out. But, that doesn’t mean you can wear your favourite comfy outfit to the gym. There are certain outfits that needs to be avoided when you hit the gym.

7 Things Women Should Never Wear To The Gym

Here, I will give you a list of clothings that you should skip while working out and why you need to avoid those.

  1. Your Favourite cotton comfy T Shirt

No one likes parting ways from their favourite outfit. But, when hitting the gym, you must keep your favourite t shirt at home. Though cotton is a very comfortable fabric, it absorbs moisture quickly and takes time to dry. This can in turn give you skin rashes and with prolonged contact of the sweat with the skin can lead to fever as well. So, instead of this try the synthetic quick drying fabrics for work outs.

  1. Unsupportive Sports Bra

You cannot work out properly, if you feel uncomfortable. An unsupportive bra will make you self conscious and at the same time will be painful too. A good and supportive sports bra will give full and proper support to your breasts and protect the ligaments and tissues. Thus, you will be able to push and stretch effectively without worries.

  1. Thongs

Though thongs are a good option to wear under skin fit shorts or pants, yet it should be avoided when working out in the gym. Since, these are not regular underwears, but a string that gives a good sex appeal, wearing these in gym can lead to infections. The sweat will get accumulated leading to skin irritation and even cause urinary tract infection in many women. So, it is advisable to wear regular underwears when working out in the gym.

  1. Denims

Well, denims were never designed to be worn to gyms. But many people do wear it while working out. The biggest drawback about denims is that when you will sweat, it will remain inside and the clothing will not cool you down. Moreover, these are very uncomfortable ones and you will not be able to stretch properly. So, instead of denims, go for track pants or tight shorts, which are specially designed for workouts.

  1. Jewellery

During workouts you need to keep yourself free and relaxed so that your concentration can rely solely on your exercise. Wearing pendants or hanging earrings can make you self conscious and it will hamper your workout. Even wearing them can damage it while performing your daily exercise task. So, while going to the gym, if you have to resort to jewellery, go for the minimal like studs.

  1. The gigantic headphones

Many people prefer listening to music while working out. But, make sure that your headphones are not the gigantic ones. With these headphones you will get uncomfortable after a while and the whole concentration will divert from the work out to other things. Therefore, it is advisable to use simple ear phones with cushions.

  1. Avoid wearing sandals

There are people who do not focus much on footwear when going to the gym. But, you should not wear slippers or sandals. Foot support is important during workout or else you will end up damaging your foot. Instead of sandals, you can consider sports shoes. These will give you a complete comfort zone when you do your exercise at the gym.

Thus, now you know what you should avoid wearing to the gym. Wear comfortable, be comfortable and keep your full focus on work outs only.

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