A Guide To Finding The Best Windshield Wiper For Your Car

Before cars ever existed, there were already windshields, back in the days when people ride on “horseless carriages”. And before the introduction of windshields most drivers had to use goggles to ensure that their eyes were protected from the weather elements. This bring rise to the question did goggles have wiper blades for harsh weather conditions in ancient times? To find the perfect wiper blades for your car you have to first know what works best for your windshield.

A Guide To Finding The Best Windshield Wiper For Your Car

Crystal Clear Blades offers the best heated windshield wiper for all car types. Not only that, they will also guide you on the perfect one when shopping for heated windshield wiper. You can refer to your car manual for a size chart if you will be shopping online.

Types of wiper blades

Wiper blades can be found in two types

  • Traditional wipers: Traditional wipers use a metal and plastic ribbed frame that applies pressure at intervals on the rubber blade to wipe dirt, dust, water and snow off the windshield. They are the most common and affordable.
  • Beam-style wipers: Beam wipers have a very small frame and an attached spring that makes them align to the shape of your windshield. Beam wipers are specially made to shed snow and ice during winter.

Factors to Consider

Heated windshield wipers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are buying one over the internet, be sure to order the right size and measure again upon delivery.

Winter is lurking, and most drivers are already getting ready for the season by installing winter tires. Though important, most drivers tend to overlook their windshield wiper blade, forgetting that it is equally as important.

With a variety of options to choose from, which wipers are actually ideal for winter? There is no definite answer, but picking the right heated windshield wiper is vital.

Although most new vehicles are fitted with all-purpose blades pre installed. These blades are more than capable of handling the normal climatic conditions. But when it gets rough like in winter with snow, ice and the likes, installing a heated windshield wiper becomes a necessity

Winter, silicone, standard, shaker and heated wiper blades are all different in their mode of operation and design, and they are suitable for different climatic conditions.

Drivers should opt for blades designed for the winter season. Heated windshield wipers are made to withstand the forces of snow and ice common with driving during winter.

Choose winter blades with a hard rubber surface and a body made of heavy gauge steel. This will enable the blade to protect you from severe weather conditions and prevent it from freezing over when it gets too cold.

Some manufacturers have upgraded the tough rubber material to the more favourable silicone. Silicone is considered stronger with better cleaning capabilities.

A number of other manufacturers have come up with a wiper called a shaker blade. What a shaker blade basically does is to create a form of vibrating effect that helps remove snow and ice from the windshield. This type of blade is not limited to just winter, it is widely used across different climatic conditions

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