A Perfect Addition To Your Bodybuilding Schedule

The Body building industry has been expanding manifold since its inception. The muscular bodybuilders that went on to become stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger have been the catalyst to the growth of this industry. Everyone craves to have a brilliant muscular body that describes the personality of any one of the best.

A Perfect Addition To Your Bodybuilding Schedule

The expansion of body building has led to increased use of medical products in this field. These medical products mainly are the steroids that have become increasingly popular. The steroids offer with some fast and everlasting effect that certainly boosts your body building schedule.

There have been numerous drugs that have been used in this industry, whether they are oral or injectable one. The oral drugs are preferred more by the beginners and one drug that has been the leader of the market is another.

What is it?

Another is the trade name for the drug that is called Oxandrolone and is derived from the dihydrotestosterone, which is an analogue to the male hormone testosterone. It is labeled as one of the safest supplements in the industry and is widely used as by men and women. It is a potent anabolic drug that has some therapeutic benefits too.


The drug comes from the name of anabolic drug that can be taken orally. The usage also tends to increase athletic performance and hence been widely unpopular as because it was used in some controversial sports event.

Anavar Cycle

The mild and safe supplement is also labeled as “the girl steroid”. The supplement is quite safe and is widely popular among female athletes. The supplement should be used for a long time as because it has a slower mass gaining effect as it provides you with lean tissues. The female’s also use it for the fitness purposes. It takes much more dosage than the normal anabolic steroids do. Before using it you should have proper knowledge of dosage charts and potency guides.


The one thing that never is quite popular is that its everlasting side effects. It works slowly and as compared to other anabolic drugs, but provides you with the muscle gain that will last for a longer time.

The supplement also results in accelerated weight loss and helps women in the muscle gain. It is one of the only drugs that are available in the market that has minimal toleration and hence women can use it quite easily.The 100% lean muscle gained due to this supplement is everlasting.

Side Effect

Though this supplement has minimal side effects, but the user is sometimes subjected to some of sort of disorders that include some dangerous liver problems like liver failure, liver cyst and liver tumors.

The one familiar side effect that this supplement comes with is that skin problems that includes rashes and burns and may also result in increased cholesterol. Apart from that, this supplement also comes with some other problems like stomach ache and abdominal pain.

The drug is one of the most popular drugs and has mild side effect, but cannot be labeled completely safe. So before the usage of this drug you should completely consider its side effects.

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