A Significant Impact Of Low Cost Carriers On European Aviation Market!

Aviation sector can easily be counted as one of the high earners and profit-making sector in any economy. But, it seems that Europe aviation industry has a little different picture to showcase. This statement can be validated with the fact that an aviation industry in Europe can be seen diversifying into two main streams. One is of flag-carriers and the other one is low-cost or no-frills carriers.

Surprisingly, low cost carriers are performing extremely well whereas the flag-carriers are miffed up with many difficulties. The low-cost airlines are growing at a tremendous pace. On the other hand, the flag carriers are experiencing several problems such as withdrawing services from many routes, reducing staff members. All this gives a clear sign that low-cost airlines are becoming dominant in European aviation market and that too specifically for short-haul point-to-point routes. And it certainly is making a great impact of the major flag carriers.

A Significant Impact Of Low Cost Carriers On European Aviation Market!

In fact, the low cost carriers are building huge networks that are giving them a significant boost in making them market leaders. Since, the market of no frills airlines is growing at a rapid pace; many airlines have also started their low cost airline services to get the benefit of these developments.

Talking about the European airports, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted have become the major centre of the low cost airlines. Moreover, the numbers of low cost carriers have increased from 17 to 74 in the past decades. In fact, around 15 new destinations are also started every year. The major flag carriers have very few flights for short-haul markets. This certainly depicts the dominance of low cost airlines in the European market.

In all of this, customers are the major beneficiaries. This is because customers get the short-distanced flights that have high frequency and are low priced. The dominance of low cost airlines has adversely affected the major flag carriers.

A Significant Impact Of Low Cost Carriers On European Aviation Market!

Although, the situation may not seem favourable for the long-haul flights, but it is anyways good for the passengers who wish to cover short distances at low fare within Europe. The situation is becoming one-sided as in favourable for one and unfavourable for the other airlines.

On a whole, the low fare carriers have severely impacted the European aviation market which definitely needs a revamp of policies that are made to run an aviation sector smoothly. If you too wish to get the benefit of some of the major low cost carriers then you can call at Easy Jet contact number as it is one of the giants known for low cost flights in European market.

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