Are You Interested In Becoming A Professional Magician?

Magic has been part of human culture for many years; from a shady history of potions and spells, to modern children’s entertainment and even dazzling shows that leave adults gasping and questioning the seemingly impossible.

There are several options when it comes to being a magician; you may wish to pursue what is generally recognized as street art or start in the theatres and aim for the professional shows.  Either path can lead to a rewarding role as a logician; both financially and mentally.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Professional Magician

The first step for many children who have an interest in learning more about magic is to attend a magic school, such as the ones organized by  These schools will provide you with some basic tricks which can be practiced and perfected.  More importantly, these simple tricks will show you whether you have the aptitude, ability and interest in becoming a professional magician.  If this is something you are considering then it is important to consider the following facts; they will help you to achieve your goal:

Job Satisfaction

The first thing to consider is whether you enjoy being a magician and whether you are happy playing to a crowd.  There are many people in the world who tuck in jobs they do not enjoy and live for their days off.  These people stay in their jobs for the security of their pay checks.  A professional magician is self-employed and must generate their own income.  This is considerably more risky but providing you enjoy magic, much more rewarding.


Becoming a professional magician involves being committed to taking every opportunity and focusing completely on your goal.  If possible you should avoid having other jobs to support you; this will help you to focus on your goal and achieve your dreams.  Professional magic can be a competitive business; you must be committed to performing the highest quality tricks and dazzling your audience.  Equally you should always remember a good magician never reveals their secrets.


Perhaps one of the most important parts of your magic shows is their unique flavour.  Being a magician is about more than just performing magic well.  You also need to entertain your audience.  The best way to do this is to consider what you can add to your shows to make them unique.  This will ensure people keep returning to see your show and will single you out as a good act; better than the competition.  It is this that will help you get bookings and even potentially hit the big time!


Although doing a job you love is generally more rewarding; there are still essential tasks which must be completed.  These include advertising; this is especially important in the early days when you are building your reputation.  Lower papers, flyers and the internet are all excellent ways of promoting your service.  The best way is to ensure that when you do get a gig you provide an unforgettable experience for your audience for all the right reasons.

To be a truly successful magician you simply need to focus on your goal and work hard to achieve it; anything is possible!

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