Australia Versus New Zealand:Where Is Better To Live?

If you’re a British person considering moving to a new country, then the chances are that both Australia and New Zealand will feature quite high up on your list of potential destinations.More than ever, we’re emigrating to New Zealand from the UK.Why this should be so is fairly obvious:both countries share a language in common with the UK, as well as a common culture.This means that new arrivals will be able to adjust more quickly to life in their new home than they might after a move, say, to Singapore.

The two nations are often considered as part of the same mass – much to the chagrin of the people who live there.But what is it that really separates the two?Let’s examine the key differences between Australia and New Zealand.

Australia Versus New Zealand:Where Is Better To Live?

Social Capital

According to repeated studies into prosperity around the globe, New Zealand is among the best places to live – if not the best.And much of this success has to do with the social capital.New Zealand society is incredibly cohesive and strong, with an overwhelming majority of natives claiming that they’re able to rely on the support of a close friend or family member in times of adversity.New Zealand also ranks extremely highly in terms of attitudes to foreigners and immigrants.

This isn’t to say, however, that Australia is much worse than its near-neighbour in this respect.Many of the Aussies you’ll run into will extend you an incredibly warm welcome – and so you can be fairly sure you’ll be able to settle in.Of course, this isn’t true of the entire country – but then, there are always some unpleasant people wherever in the world you might travel; it’s just in this particular part of the world, they’re far more difficult to find.


One of the things that makes Australia and New Zealand such attractive destinations are the economic opportunity they afford.There are plenty of jobs in New Zealand and Australia.That said, the wages you’ll find in Australia do tend to be slightly higher – but this will be offset to a certain extent by the cost of living, in much the same way that it might be in London relative to the rest of the UK.

Of course, things aren’t quite as simple as that.Some things are more expensive than others, and so if your job or lifestyle involves making certain sorts of purchase, you might find that you’re hit that little bit harder. Petrol, for example, tends to be cheaper – but the Australian government impose a tax on new car purchases, and registering a new car is more expensive.There are also toll roads to consider, and the price of insurance.All in all, then, the cost of running a car is slightly higher in Australia.

Depending on the opportunities available to your particular skillset, you might find yourself a little bit better or worse off than the average person in either country – so, while it’s worth considering broader trends in both countries, it’s not worth obsessing over it.Far more important, arguably, are other factors that can’t be so easily quantified.


If you’re taking children over to the other side of the world with you, you’ll want to be able to provide them with the same educational opportunities you might find here in the UK.Fortunately, both Australia and New Zealand provide a high-standard of education.The relevant stats to compare here are the literacy rates, which sit at 99% for both countries, and government spending on education, which sits at 5.59% for Australia and 7.26% for New Zealand – providing the latter with a slight advantage.Whichever country you choose to settle into, you’ll find a world-class education system.


Of course, all of the things we’ve mentioned aren’t worth much if there isn’t anything to do.Both Australia and New Zealand both a wealth of natural beauty, things to do and see.But the attractions on offer in each country differ slightly.Australia offers more in the way of cosmopolitanism, particularly in Victoria and New South Wales.New Zealand, by contrast, is better for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

As well as the entertainment on offer, it’s worth considering the spectacular New Zealand scenery which provided the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings, the famous Australian outback, and the Great Barrier Reef.The good news is that whichever country you choose to settle into, these spectacular landmarks will never be more than a short flight away!

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