Immersive Video Presentation Techniques To Adopt In 2016

If you have to connect with your audience via video footage, rather than making it theoretically informative, have a story to say. Make the story interesting and catchy to get quick attention of the audience. It gives an insight to the viewer about how your organization works. New immersive video presentation techniques are being hailed as frontrunners in 2016.

Online video streaming

As the Trends Emerge

 A video can be used in the presentation and this can be a part of the interactive website. Many creative ways are making their debut in videos. The use of animation and 3-D is becoming powerful. Animation is eye catching and they are easily immersed in a concept with good effects thrown in. It can be a cartoon or in a hover state – both are brilliant techniques that add value. Imagine, designers have come a long way from simply bouncing and bobbing icons on a page. They have animation that can actually tell an immersive tale! Using animation is a fantastic way to transit from one state of content to another seamlessly. There are no jerks or heavy duty editing required.

New Interactive Tools

Technology and tools go hand in hand. The web environment is now edging past the dynamic content to immersive content. The new tools like HTML5, Flash, and D3.js have powerful abilities. They are able to compress heavy files and make the play faster. Today, the viewer is used to high definition quality of video. Hence images should be clear and very interesting to keep eye balls engaged. The sound quality and crisp narration add the vital touch to the entire immersive experience. Not everyone can create such powerful videos. There are professionals who are adept at this work. Such vendors should be made a part of the team for launches, events, exhibitions, and company meetings.

User Lists Expands

Immersive video techniques are not restricted to one sector. Film makers started the trend followed by corporates, journalists, and even artists are using it. It is the virtual support system of the online gaming industry.  The user list for it is simply expanding. There is only one way to make it beneficial to further your own cause. It should not be used only for visibility on the digital platform. But it should have a compelling story to tell-without which it will be like a flop film. The advertising industry can make use of it as the best opportunity to get clients and consumers hooked. It is the best way to get presentation the whole focus.

Continued Growth of Audio-visual Medium

Many marketing departments have increased the video budgets as they are more interactive and responsive. As videos can be put on different platforms, it is a super easy to connect to any niche audience- an internal meeting or information being given to shareholders or consumers. It has become important for business houses to keep up with this new immersive trend in 2016.  A marketing team needs to even know the value of re-marketing the same content to consumers who were long forgotten. This can be done with videos re-runs.

Infotainment Wins

A presentation that is educative and entertaining will always be accepted easily. An immersive video that is embedded along with it will carry the engagement forward. Using a flat design technique is equally useful. It can be seen across smaller devices. Along with visual metaphors it can pack a punch for delivering messages. The marketing teams are now getting more budgets for video presentations. Videos that can be seen even on the smartphones will add power to the communication.

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