Benefits Of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are something that not everyone has heard of, but really should know and understand the benefits of. Modular buildings are argued to have many advantages over conventional buildings, for a variety of different reasons.

Firstly, modular buildings are a whole lot quicker than traditional buildings to construct due to the facts that a lot of the work if not all of the work is completed at an offsite location to where your property will be located. Modular construction off-site also means that every project can be delivered with minimal disruption to the surround area, resulting in less vehicle traffic, less noise pollution and less impact on the environment. All of which sound ideal.

If you were building a typical traditional property, there would be a lot more mess, delays and stress than a typical new build. Offsite builds typically stay on schedule as compared to on site builds due to there being no other interruptions in the build and no alterations in the design. Plus, with an offsite construction in an indoor factory or warehouse it is independent of weather conditions. Competing with the weather when working outdoors can really reduce work efficiency of tradesmen and also avoids any damage to material. This point can significantly reduce the overall time of a build by as much as 50% when you compare modular builds to traditional methods of building.


With a modular build there is typically a reduction in the amount of waste produced as compared to an onsite build. In a factory or warehouse where modular builds are there forte, the engineers begin to understand exactly what is and isn’t needed to significantly reduce the amount of waste material. Although most modular buildings are specifically designed with the needs of the client in mind, there are a lot of common features and elements that are used in every build.

Typically waste from onsite builds can fill a significant amount of skips, and the materials that are going into them are not necessarily recyclable. So any reduction in excess waste can really help the environment and limit any damage that may occur. There will be waste from modular builds, however the amount is significantly reduced in comparison.

Modular buildings provide great flexibility to the users. Nearly all modular buildings are designed with future alterations in mind. Typically, nearly all builds are designed so that they can continue to grow and alter as and when the occupant requires it to. Whether this be in the form of adding an additional building next to the existing one or placing it as additional story and connecting the two units. There is a lot of flexibility that comes with modular builds than does not with a traditional stone build property. Also, all of the internal floor space can be redesigned in order to change the layout of the property to suit the needs of the owner at the current time.

Modular buildings really do have a lot of benefits that outweigh those of a traditional stone or wood built property.

Is every Building the same?

Whether it is modular, portable or a specialist building, every building made and developed by Thurston Building systems has a dedicated team of developers and designers to ensure that it is designed with the end user in mind. At Thurston Building systems we design every building bespoke to the needs of each client. Ensuring that the external appearance, internal design, and fixtures and fittings exactly match the requirements set.

With the potential for up to three storeys and almost unlimited floor space, you can rest assured that your building is designed specifically for you. Plus, every building will be ready for use much faster than a traditionally constructed building whilst still closely complying with building regulations.

There is no limit in the architectural features in a modular building, allowing for a range of different roofing types such as dual hipped and mono pitched.  Plus, with a variety of finishes and a range of exterior wall choices including brick tile, brick skin, panel, curtain walling, cedar board and various claddings. This allows you to add a personal touch to your property and allow it to either blend in with the surroundings or completely stand out from the crowd, the choice is yours.

It isn’t just in outside that can be uniquely designed, it’s the inside too. Internally, floors can be finished to your required specification, whether that be with carpet, vinyl or other materials of your choice. Making the building versatile to your needs.

One of the most important aspects of using Thurston’s for your building needs, is that every design and layout is configured to the design of your choosing. Albeit it is within building constraints and works with the external layout of the building. In some aspects of properties, it is also possible for the design to include suspended ceiling in order to create an open and spacious feel to the building. There’s so much freedom in the design of your modular, portable or specialist buildings.

Plus, with developing buildings that are unique in style and appearance, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate environmentally friendly aspects that can be incorporated into your design and build. From incorporating solar panels into the roof design to ensuring that is made from a material as environmentally friendly to the environment as possible, the list is pretty much endless.

We can provide a total service, from consultancy, design and manufacture through to gaining planning permission and ensuring building regulation approval. One of our in-house experts will design and tailor you exact requirements into a building that is fully functional for your needs. And if there’s something we really don’t think will work we’ll present the challenges we’ll face developing the building and also the issues that would arise when it comes to the functionality of the building.

Whether you require an ultra-modern or a more traditional-looking building, your options are practically unlimited. As no two buildings are the same, we can provide a building that exceeds your expectations both aesthetically and practically.

This article is written by Becky Nesbit with helpful information from Thurston Building Systems

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