Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe

Everyone likes most affordable products, Especially gun safe are very expensive security safe. There are hundreds of products on guns safe which are above our regular budget. Even if they are one time investment safes but still they are out of budget.

Times like this, Cannon has introduced their gun safe models so that a common man afford one for themselves to protect their guns and ammunition. Cannon gun safe become one of trusted brand manufacturer for gun safe. They have wide range of collection for different requirement of each customer and clients.

You can select any one of them price starting from one thousand dollars, the protection in all cannon gun safe are the same but the differences will be in storage capacity.

Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe

Cannon Gun Safe:

Cannon gun safe has been around for such a long time and they have stored a huge amount of data from their customers feedback to polish their skills and help the customers to delivery better equipment to protect their precious valuables.

The cannon gun safe has different shapes and sizes of gun safe for their customers. The price range of gun safe starts from one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars, which is not the expensive especially when you compare the prices with other gun safe brands and their products. This (cannon gun safe) company has very good reputation in the business, not only they are old in the hood but also they are surviving, making profits for a long time.

Cannon gun safe is upgrading rapidly, world is evolving so as the technology. In the race of evolving, cannon gun safe has kept their eyes on world and upgrading their products for the smart burglar and thieves. Cannon gun safe has added new technology and options to their products to protect you from latest threats.

The coolest part of the Cannon gun safe products is that they come in life time warranty on all of their gun safes. In other words you do not have to worry about damages from burglars, fire and other unexpected damages, they will send an authorized person to get it fixed. In case if the gun safe cannot be repaired , you will be eligible to get a replacement of same model, if the model has been discontinued in near future then you will get a new gun safe which is available at same price you purchased last time.

Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe:

Now let’s get down to gun safe business, what we are going to do is to highlight the features you need to know about Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe. Let’s check out what features does Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe has.

  • Looking for best gun sage under $500, then this model fits your budget.
  • A gun safe should have good number of storage capacity, the current model has 16 guns capacity with some adjustable or removable shelves also the interior is just fab for $500 gun safe. Overall features are reasonable.
  • You can adjust or remove the shelves to make more space for fir arms and also in addition to you can create more space for other ammunition.
  • What if the product gets damaged or you receive a defected model? you do not have to worry about such petty issues because you are secured with warranty which i have mentioned earlier. These models come under lifetime warranty, if your model is repairable then you will get a brand new safe gun.


Cannon SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Safe is a branded gun safe which come at a price of $500, this is lowest gun safe you will find from a branded company like Cannon gun safe.

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