Green Landscaping Trends In The West

Landscaping is an ever-evolving hobby, and green landscaping is no different. While green landscaping focuses on being environmentally friendly, there are different ways to go about helping the Earth via landscaping. These trends are largely dependent upon location, so what are some green landscaping trends in the western U.S.?

Water Runoff Concerns

In states that have a lot of farmland, like Oklahoma, there are increasing concerns about the effect that landscaping may be having on the water supply. Traditional landscaping has involved a lot of pesticides and artificial fertilizers which, while helpful for the landscaping project, can be disastrous for local water resources.

How does this work? Well, say there is a newly-finished landscaping product that used artificial fertilizer. Then say that there are going to be heavy rains the day after the project has been finished. The water will wash away the chemicals in the fertilizer, which will then be brought down into the water supply.

For places that have are high in farmland, this brings additional dangers. The tainted water can cause issues with the crops, which can in turn have adverse side effects on the people that eat them.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. Landscapers in the west have stopped using artificial fertilizers and harsh pesticides in favor of more natural alternatives. These pose no danger to the water supply, but give the same results as traditional methods. While this is a serious trend in western green landscaping, not all of the new innovations have been so dire.

Green Landscaping Trends In The West

The Composting Craze

News about composting died down for a time, but now composting is making a comeback in green landscaping. The basic idea behind composting is the same as it has always been: to restore nutrients and fertility to the soil. Why, then, has it started making a resurgence in the west?

Recent events have been hard on soil in parts of the western U.S. California had one of the worst droughts in recent history, and this left the soil dry and largely inhospitable. Many landscaping experts found the solution in composting.

The soil was revitalized by starting up compost bins. It was not an overnight solution, but it did have considerable effects on the soil. These include:

  • Insulation to help the soil retain moisture.
  • A type of natural fertilizer created by microorganisms in the compost.
  • Ease of nutrient absorption for the plants in the soil.

With all of these benefits in mind, it is no wonder that composting has regained its former popularity. For the good of soil everywhere, but particularly in the west, it would be best if this trend stuck around for a while.

Creative Solutions

The marvelous thing about green landscaping in the west is the way that people, and the land, have managed to bounce back from remarkably harsh conditions. Where there were serious environmental problems, people have found solutions that leave the environment in a better condition than ever before. The rest of the nation, and even the world, could stand to follow this example.

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