How Advertising Agencies Can Get The Best Benefits From Office 365?

Office 365 Cloud is a latest launch from Microsoft, which has started to give a steep competition to the already existing Google Apps service. This product does not only offer all the best benefits of being on the cloud but also provides the maximum range of added specialized software to ensure an all-inclusive, at one-place and integrated solution for every organization. To point the fact, the scalability of Office 365 is keeping it ahead in the competition. So, no matter the particular type of organization you are running, you can actually get immense benefits by switching to the Office 365

How Advertising Agencies Can Get The Best Benefits From Office 365?

How it helps Advertising Agencies

Every organization has their particular needs. When it comes to the Advertising Agencies, the needs certainly differ from many other organizations. However, if you get to the core of any organization you will find similar processes, like sharing, communication and management. The specialty of Office 365 is that it can offer all these benefits to every organization, irrespective of their size, stature or the particular field in which they are working in.

One of the primary features of this service is to enable the employees to work from anywhere at any time of the day. When it comes to the Advertising Agencies, the ability of the employees to work from anywhere at any time can add immensely to the productivity as well as the efficiency. So, if you have to urgently release a document for being printed on the print media tomorrow early in the morning, with Office 365 your employees can complete the task sitting right at their homes and ensure that there is no delay. This can enhance not only the employee productivity and satisfaction but can also reduce the overhead cost of the company and help in providing better service to the clients.

Smooth Transition

If you are worried that your company might not be able to deal with a technological shift at the given moment, and this is holding you back from taking the leap, please be informed that when you buy Office 365 from Tier 1 Microsoft CSPs like you get not only the service but also complete assistance for adapting with it; which means, the provider will take the responsibility of smooth transition of your company to this new technology, ensuring that there is no teething issues. The Tier 1 Microsoft CSPs offer extensive customer support along with technical assistance over the phone, mail or chat for 24x7x365 to ensure that they are able to attain your issues right at the moment they crop up, so that your business never has to suffer.

Enjoy an Integrated Technological Platform

Apart from providing the best service as well as maximum assistance, Apps4Rent also offers some additional online software along with the Office 365. This additional software come as a package with Office 365 and increases its efficiency enabling the businesses to get a single and integrated technology that can meet with their all-round requirements in the most efficient way. The Cloud Project Management Software is one such service that comes bundled with Office 365 and can actually make the job of managing your projects simpler and effective. It is a powerful on cloud project management service that can help you to organize, communicate and share more efficiently with the team members to provide the best efficiency at work.

The company offers the free SharePoint sitefor project management on another target site; the Project Online is the other tool included in the package. So, what you get as a whole is a bundle of cloud based powerful software that can help your business processes to become more accurate and efficient. Most interestingly, by tuning up your business process and the way you work, this cloud based technologies can actually reduce your expenses while adding to the growth of your business. So, if you are running an Advertising Agency, it is the high time to shift to the Office 365.

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