How To Design Your Career With Microsoft Certification Program

It’s difficult to evaluate the number of IT professionals holding Microsoft-certification around the world. Microsoft certification courses are widely appreciated as it not only brings measurable rewards and value to the professionals but also is packed with the recognition that one requires to be successful in one’s career.

It provides the companies with the most required validation of one’s skills.

Get started with Microsoft Training and Certification

Step 1 – Which IT job you want?

The best way to find out the Microsoft certification path and direction you want to take is to explicitly view the Microsoft training road-map.

How To Design Your Career With Microsoft Certification Program

One of the best ways is to review each job role and the required training program to help you decide which job is more suitable for you. This procedure is also helpful for those who are not sure of the direction that he wants to go and help guiding to make his career in IT. Various job profiles are:

  • Virtualization administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Server administrator
  • Consumer support technician
  • Enterprise desktop support technician
  • Web developer
  • Windows developer

Step 2 – Learn skills to help you get there

After carefully completing the research to find out the suitable job for you, it is time to get proper training of Microsoft products to better prepare in the required skills. There are a wide range of project based summer training programsin Indiathat includes certification boot camps, Microsoft e-learning courses, Microsoft classroom training, Microsoft interactive resources and many more.

Step 3 – Validate your skills with Microsoft Certification

Microsoft skill validation with an official certification of Microsoft is highly significant, as it will give you a competitive edge and advantage that you require in today’s challenging job market.

Significance of Microsoft certification & training programs

  1. Microsoft training and certification programs are always demanding and universal in any kind of workplace
  2. Getting a Microsoft training and certification gives you a competitive edge in job search. If you add this certification on your resume, it will display the employer that you have the right skills and knowledge that are needed to handle a particular job profile.
  3. A Microsoft certification programhighlights to employers that you have in-depth knowledge of a certain technical skill.
  4. There is a MTA certification project training program

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