How To Make Maths Exciting For Our Children?

Our education system has evolved a lot through the ages, but the fear for math classes remain the same irrespective of schools and syllabus. The apprehension or fear is often created by the elders as they give a gigantic figure to the subject in front of children. So, the moment they step into school life, the pre-conceived notion plays the villain role here. Maths can be as poetic as literature if you know how to teach this in the right manner. Let’s check out a few interesting ways to make maths easy and playful for young students.

Adaptation technique for better understanding

Maths classes will turn active and motivating if we could invite the children to be physically a part of the learning process. The teacher should turn them into groups to depict a ball or a box to make them understand the concept of a sphere or rectangular. This will help them witness the idea of edges, corners, faces and so on with the adaptation method.

Show surrounding examples

Teachers shall make use of the children’s body parts like fingers, eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs and so on to make them understand the difference between numbers and other related subject areas. Teachers could ask them to count the fingers, the number of eyes, etc. for effective learning. If they get familiar with the basic concept of numbers from the very young age, it will help them easily understand the numerical nuances later in life.


Let them Play for Good

As we all know, children learn more when they are playing with their peers. If the education system can inculcate this message into their teaching method, the entire learning process would become effortless. Especially in the case of maths, play and learn method will surely work. Encourage them to play with blocks or Lego so that they can learn the basics of sorting, building structures, patterns and so on.

Turn stories into mathematical Lessons

Stories are always the best way to convey any message into a child’s mind. If the teacher is able to share the basics of mathematical concepts combined with their favorite stories, they will certainly develop an excitement towards the subject. While narrating the story, explain the concepts of maths in the form of number berries or grapes or animal.

Make use of a child’s imagination

Children are the most creative souls with an urge to learn new and innovative things. There are no boundaries to their imagination and if we could make use of this very talent, Maths could be taught in the easiest form to them.

Try new techniques each time to retain interest

Any lesson or subject matter could turn boring if the teacher uses the same method to teach. Teaching is the art of being innovative and creative. So make sure that you are using a novel technique each time you approach our student, especially the young ones. For making mathematics interesting, give them the opportunity to learn it from their surroundings themselves under your guidance.

Introduce technology into the Classroom

In today’s world, every child has the access to the latest technology and they learn it faster than their parents. So, why not make use of it in the classroom for such rapid learning sessions. Turn your math lessons in the form of presentation or interactive activities and provide the opportunity for the child to solve the puzzle on their own. Experiential learning is the most effective way of teaching be it any subject.

Many of the best schools in Bangalore are coming up with such wonderful alternative ways of teaching maths for the young ones.

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