I Have Too Much Homework But Very Little Time

Do you have friends who are all the time complaining about having too much homework to do? You are not alone as millions of students have same complaint with their teachers who they say give them too much of homework that they find impossible to complete at home. Formal education system demands giving homework to students to help in their learning process. Teachers give it in large quantities as they perceive it to be beneficial for students. But too much of anything is bad and the same applies to homework. You cannot wish away homework if you are in middle school or High School as teachers evaluate your learning abilities on the basis of quality of your homework. If you feel that you have very little time to complete lots of homework, here are a few tips to help you.

Keep pace with the increasing amount of Homework

Homework starts from elementary school when kids are given homework to learn a few spellings and probably recite a poem aloud at home. While this is peanuts as compared to the long essays and projects given by teachers in High School, some students keep pace with the increasing homework and feel no burden at all. On the other hand, many students start to complain even though there is a gradual increase in homework with each passing grade in school. Just remember that higher the grade, the tougher and more the homework.

I Have Too Much Homework But Very Little Time

Cut down on monotonous activities to have more Time for Homework

It is alright to indulge in activities that are monotonous or meaningless when you are a small kid as you have a lot of free time. But it pays to cut down on these activities when you grow up as you have to find more time to do the homework given by your teachers. Also, you face further problems if you are an athlete or take part in other co curricular activities in school as that leaves that much less time for you to complete your homework.

Find a quieter Place to do Homework

Do you have siblings who make lots of noise when you are trying to do homework? Does your elder brother or mother listen to music or watch television at full volume making it impossible for you to do homework? If yes, then you will not be able to finish homework and always complain of excessive workload. It would be prudent if you find a quieter place like the terrace or a friend’s home to do your homework. You will find that your efficiency has increased a lot and you are able to finish your homework in much less time than you normally take in your own home.

Accept it

You make a mountain out of a mole by your own thinking. If you continue to feel that you have lots of homework left to do, you will not be able to complete it. Accept rather than showing resistance to your homework and you will find that it is not that much more than you have been thinking till now.

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