Importance Of Oracle E-Business Suite For Efficient Functioning Of An Organization

Irrespective of the size and shape of the business, the importance of ERP applications for project management is on the rise with each passing day. Among the various e-business application suites available, Oracle E-Business Suite, or more commonly known as Oracle EBS is widely accepted among major business organizations across the globe owing to its distinct features and ability to facilitate smooth functioning of the business operations. Oracle EBS essentially comprises enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) applications that can be managed from a single source. To provide optimum user experience, each application with the suite comes with separate license to ensure organizations can choose the exact combination that suits their purpose.

Importance Of Oracle E-Business Suite For Efficient Functioning Of An Organization

Here is a closer look at the individual applications within the Oracle EBS –

Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM typically facilitates the functioning of the “front office” tasks of an organization in a bid to enhance customer experience and loyalty. The application is highly regarded for enabling smoother functioning of the marketing, order management, contract handling, spare management and call centre operations management within an organization. The CRM is also capable of managing and supporting online operations such as catalogue and content management.

Oracle SCM

Through its compelling supply chain management application, Oracle empowers organizations with industry-specific solutions that help predict market requirements, adapt in response to volatile market environment and arrange operations globally. The Oracle SCM typically helps manage product development, logistics, transportation and supply chain operations of an organization.

Oracle ERP

The Oracle-based ERP application helps automate and integrate the entire business process management of the organization including technology, services and human resource. The industry-specific ERP solutions of Oracle save time and resources and offer businesses with aligned business operations, thereby improving the overall effectiveness.

Why should Businesses Opt for Oracle EBS?

One of the biggest advantages of Oracle EBS is the complete automation of the business processes of an organization. All the ERP applications within the suite work in tandem to ensure no loose ends during the functionality. The application typically integrates the entire business rendering information whenever needed to give a distinct perspective of the entire operation of the organization. With more than 100 applications integrated within the suite for customer relationship management, finance management, human resource management, service automation module, supply chain management, enterprise asset management, and project management; Oracle E-business suite offers a definitive solution for handling all the major complexities arising in a global business environment.

Moreover, Oracle EBS is an excellent option for reducing IT expenses as all the applications within the suite work together with zero customization. The application suite typically eliminates the requirement for software interfacing, data translation and integration. Oracle EBS is the only comprehensive suite of enterprise applications that are combined within a single data model, thereby helping organizations define all business processes effectively including customer management, product management and supply chain management. It also provides access to the same data across the enterprise. So with Oracle EBS, the marketing department of an organization obtains the same customer information that is being used by the sales and order management.

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