Must-Have Gifts For Dog-Walkers

Christmas is now almost upon us, and before long we’ll be presenting our friends and relatives with a host of gifts – some of them welcome, some of them less so.If you’ve a committed dog-lover amongst your circle of friends, then you might be tempted to buy them a gift that they’ll appreciate – and that they’ll be able to make use of after the fun of Christmas is behind us.

Of course, it should go without saying that it’s very unwise to present the dog itself as a gift for Christmas – as this practice inevitably leads to resentment and abandonment.With that small caveat aside, let’s take a look at some worthwhile gift candidates.

Must-Have Gifts For Dog-Walkers

Lead : In order to walk a dog, you’ll need to attach it to a suitable lead.It’s this device which prevents the animal from running off into the distance at the slightest whiff of something interesting.Being able to control a dog while going for a walk in the countryside is a requirement – particularly if the walker happens to be moving through livestock.

Naturally, not all leads are built the same – and some will make it easier to control the dog than others.If possible, it’s best to opt for a harness that straps around the dog’s shoulders and abdomen.That way, the force of the lead will be spread over the widest possible area.This will not only reduce the chance of the dog suffering injury; it’ll also make the dog a great deal easier to control.

Dog jacket : Things have changed a great deal in the modern world.Now, it’s quite commonplace to see parents walking their children through the park, with the latter strapped into a harness attached to the end of a long lead.Conversely, many dog walkers have decided that dressing their dog up in tiny jackets is an endearing way to keep them comfortable.This latter behaviour, while it might seem slightly absurd to those who’ve yet to embrace dog-clothing, is actually quite rational.

Some breeds, like the Samoyed, have adapted thick, bushy coats that can help them to cope with even the frostiest Siberian winter.Others, like the greyhound, have barely any hair at all – and so they’ll struggle to cope with even the mildest British one.If you’re shopping for someone who owns a particularly hairless dog, then opting for a jacket might prove a wise decision.Fluorescent dog jackets will not only keep the animal warm, but help advertise your presence to motorists if you’re forced to walk your dog at night-time.

Water bottle : If you’re going to be spending a lot of time walking, then you’ll need to replenish your body’s water levels if you’re to avoid dehydration.The same is true of a dog.While you might find that your dog is a little less discerning about where it gets its water from, you’ll need to carry a bottle of water around with you on long walks.Ensure that it’s as rugged and capacious as possible.Then, when you eventually find your way back to the car, you’ll be able to fill your dog’s water bowl right away.

Boot liner : If you’re intent on taking a dog for a walk out in the countryside, particularly during winter, then the chances are high that it’ll encounter dirt.It’ll seek to wander through the undergrowth in search of interesting smells, and take great delight in jumping through puddles.All of this means that, when it finally returns to the car, it’ll be soaked from head to foot in filth.Clearly, washing the dog right there on the spot is impractical – and so we must turn instead to the alternatives.

A boot liner is a device that’s designed to sit in the interior of a car’s boot.It’s a sheet of fabric that shields the upholstery from dirt.When you’d like to clean the boot out again, you need simply remove the liner and wash it alongside the rest of your laundry.

Boot liners come in a range of different styles.The cheaper ones will offer minimal protection, and often consist of little more than an ill-fitting sheet of fabric.If you’re looking for something more long lasting and substantial (and, let’s face it, gift-worthy) then you might instead consider a liner that’s made to measure a given model of car.You’ll find purpose-made Audi, ford, range rover, Skoda and Vauxhall boot liners available online.They’ll help you to circumvent those painful valet costs, and ensure the long-term resale value of your car.

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