Online Corporate Training Service – Changing Ways In Cost-Effective Training

Many of the corporate are still doubtful about online corporate training service as whether it is effective? As the global economy seems to be quite frail after the financial crisis, employee productivity also seems to be in a downward plunge, which is a major problem corporate sector faces now. As most of the companies have only feeble access to the continuous employee training programs, it does not ensure enough growth and commitment among the employees towards the duties and roles allocated to them.

It is always a good idea to indulge the employees in some serious training programs throughout the year to promote commitment and productivity as well job retention. However, to ensure success, one need to arrange such training in a highly organized manner, and in light of the current corporate scenario, this has to be accomplished within a limited budget.

Online Corporate Training Service – Changing Ways In Cost-Effective Training

Some Stats on Training Services Market

Back in 2012, the global market of training services was of about USD 292 billion. However, hardly about 25% of organizations feel that the training rendered to their employees had been effective in terms of ensuring a better output and productivity. In light of these, organizations have further limited contact training programs, which paved way to a more flexible and effective online training services.

In 2015, the market of corporate e-learning services hit a record high of USD 107 billion. If this is how it progresses, is deemed as the future of training, which is getting more streamlined and affordable lately in terms of organizing personalized employee training.

What is Online Corporate Training?

Online corporate training administration is an advanced form of conventional classroom training mode, which are designed with content emphasizing on a definite topic with the assistance of high-level multimedia resources to be delivered in a more personalized and interactive mode. Such training includes all essentials as interactive content, presentations, graphics, video and audio etc.

Combining all such learning tools on a comprehensive learning platform, it is termed as online Learning Management System (LMS). In online LMS, the courses are made available to the participants through a web browser to access at anytime from anywhere. All sort of corporate training are largely delivered through online training mode including;

  • General Process Training

  • Executive Leadership Training

  • Management Training

  • On-boarding

  • New Recruit Training

  • Product and Service Training

  • Professional Development

  • Sales Training, to name a few.

Is this Mode of Training Effective?

As you know, there are many challenges in conventional employee training. Working employees are already subjected to their work deadlines and schedules. It is also difficult to get them assembled at a single location at a specific time to attend the classes.

The major advantage of online corporate training delivery is that it eliminates the time and venue constraints completely and offer the flexibility of permitting employees get trained at their convenience at anytime. This is highly advantageous for corporate with employees working at different slots and also located at different time zones across the globe.

Unlike the classroom interaction with trainers, the participants of online corporate training service can also much freely interact with the training interface and get one to one support to experience a more personalized training approach.

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