Prithvi Theatre – Getting More Information

If you love watching plays in theatres, then the Mumbai based Prithvi Theatre is a must visit. Located in Juhu, this theatre is frequented by millions of people throughout the year to watch different events and plays of their choice. The Kapoors are the owners of this much prestigious theatre and have been managing it since its inception. It can be stated that this theatre, rather is a hub for those artists who would like to innovate and experiment themselves and be dedicated towards performing arts. Moreover, the stage does offer a wonderful platform for the creative minds coming from all over the country to have their talents.

Its origins

Prithviraj Kapoor, during the peak of acting career in Bollywood had created this theatre in 1942. In 1944, it became a travelling company, staging more than 2,600 plays. Shakuntalam composed by Kalidas was the initial play to be debuted here.

Early plays

Several original plays were performed and produced by this company based upon morality and social relevant themes, which included plays like ‘Pathan’ and ‘Deewar’. Back then, the company toured the country for performing variety of acts.

The modern theatre

The Prithvi Theatre has become the home for several vibrant activities apart from live plays. Moreover, it has become the venue for hosting musical performances. Annually over 643 shows are conducted here with an average attendance of about 77%.

It also hosts initiatives such as Summer Time along with Kids’ Workshop. Students, artists and enthusiasts can have a cup of coffee at Prithvi Café and can share their experience and knowledge of acting.

Some of the forthcoming events that you can watch here are as follows:

Song of the Swan from Knot Theatre

Date: 17th May, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time: 8.00 pm

Ticket Rates: Rs. 175/-

This play is about Hans Christian Ostro, his life and death. Ostro had been kidnapped in Kashmir by militants and killed.

Prithvi Theatre – Getting More Information

Outer Dilli by Aarambh

Date: 19th May, 2016

Time: 6.00 pm

Ticket Rates: Rs. 250/-

The main protagonist of the story is Ravi, hailing from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. For joining his family, he had shifted base to ‘Outer Dilli’, which for him is an unfamiliar, new territory. Here he gets to know how an innocent boy, who is fair, becomes easy victim among other students. He is now to be determined to either fight to live or just be humiliated for surviving!!

Jeene Bhi Do Yaaro by Yatri

Date: 22nd May, 2016

Time: 6.30 pm

Ticket Rates: Rs. 400/-

The cast of this play comprise of Sonam Singh, Radha Bhardwaj, Laksshya Sharma, Pratik Pendharkar and Om Katare. Romantic dreams comprise of sweet future together. Husband-to-be is expected to have his sweetheart impressed and to achieve this would do everything that is demanded by her. The list possibly could be endless, ranging from purchasing flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, movie and extravagant shopping at malls.

After marriage, life becomes a nag. With the end having been achieved, the wife is now taken for granted. The post marriage situation dynamics is really exciting in this play something that you can watch with your family and enjoy it thoroughly!!!

For more events, you can do research on the theatre and get the details!

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