Provide The Best Treatment and Care To Your Costly Furniture With Experts

Ornamenting the rooms with attractive wooden furniture just not increases the aesthetic appeal of your home but these precious possessions establish your taste, status and lifestyle. Costly wood furniture serves you for generations and through ages they are extremely cherished by all classes of people. Nevertheless, when the warmth of your hot dish or moisture from cold beverage glass blemish its polish leaving a round circle, how do you feel? No wonder, the experience is much disappointing; nonetheless, they are rather common and cannot be simply avoided. Don’t worry! Now you can protect all your attractive and costly furniture just by availing Guardian Furniture Protection Plans.

Incepted in 1977 in Hickory, NC Guardian Protection Products, Inc. is a well distinguished manufacturer for wide range of furniture protection products while its specialized furniture protection service plans have become extremely demanding in the global market. The company aims to offer its customers with premium class furniture protection solutions and furniture protection services through extensive distributors and retailers network.

Provide The Best Treatment and Care To Your Costly Furniture With Experts

Equipped with Guardian’s high quality produces, unique protection solutions and well trained technicians at every retailer and distributor counter, the service people are confident to deal with any kind of accidental defect occurred in your valuable furniture. To help you save life and look of your furnishing products Guardian is ready with Fabric to Leather and Wood to Mattress Protection Programs as established in the Guardian Protection Products Reviews.

Registering you with a Guardian Furniture Protection Program or Plan means providing your adoring furniture items the finest care and treatment that they deserve. As you spend sufficient money to procure them, why not register you with Guardian’s exclusive furniture care program that makes all furniture long lasting and gleaming. The Service technicians are well trained and they are master to handle simple to most crucial furniture relating protection issues with guaranteed satisfaction.

When it comes to all your indoor furniture, the premium protection plan of Guardian Protection Products group covers the following services:

Guardian’s Indoor Furniture Protection Plans

  • Any kind of stain or blot on Fabric, Wood or Leather owing to food spills.

  • Accidental stains caused by grease, grass-dirt or pastel oil color. Burns, tears, cuts, rips or pierce on leather or fabric upholstery.

  • Heat marks, moisture rings, scratch and scar on wood or stone

  • Unintentional marks caused due to leakage of ballpoint-pen ink, cosmetic items on Upholstered fixtures

  • Mirror and Glass mark, breakage

Guardian’s Outdoor Furniture Protection Plans:

Needless to say, outdoor furniture items are more prone to kinds of accidental damages and stains. Just consider your lawn umbrellas, garden chairs, cushions and other upholster items. Other than Guardian Protection Products Inc, none can guarantee absolute protection of these valued furniture and fittings that beautify your exclusive lawn, boast your class and are an integral part of your leisure time.

Guardian Protection Products Reviews ascertain that you can avail Guardian’s Outdoor protection plan, which takes care of the following issues –

  • All kinds of marks caused by food or beverage

  • Stains caused by human or pet body fluid

  • Cosmetic marks, lotion and suntan oil stains

  • Marker pen/ Ball pen leakage

  • Dirt as well as mud stains

  • Downpour and grass stains

  • Breakage of glass part in tables

Guardian Protection Products, Inc. has undergone partnership with the globally famed AIG Insurance Group. This ascertains insurance of every protection program sold by the group.

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