Signs That Indicates That Your Car Need Service

5 Easy-to-Comprehend Signs That Say it’s Time to Go for Car Servicing

Skipping on car services not only pose a safety risk for you and passengers in the car but also for the passer-bys on the road. Servicing your car regularly and keeping it well-maintained all the time is the best way to ensure safe and comfortable ride always.

Following are 5 easy to understand signs that indicate it’s time to visit your nearby garage for car servicing.

Signs That Indicates That Your Car Need Service

Strange Noises

Over a year or more of driving, you automatically get familiar with different sounds your car makes while using it; here I am referring to the noise that happens when you turn on the engine, turn on the fan and change gear. If you are very well familiar with your car, you will certainly notice when it starts making unusual noises.

If you happen to hear any abnormal noises while driving, it is strongly recommended that you visit the local car service and repair center immediately. Chances are it is the loose parts or collision between some parts of your vehicle that is producing these odd noises.

Ignoring the noises can allow the problem to get even worse and cause you bigger repair amount later. In such scenario, you should book your appointment with reliable and reputable car services provider in your area  immediately.


After noises, fumes are second most easy to understand the tell tale sign that indicates it’s high time to take your car for servicing. If you see fumes coming out from the bonnet area when the engine is on, it shows there is something went wrong under the hood and it needs to be inspected by a qualified mechanic at earliest.  Car servicing will help you learn the actual cause of the smoke and resolve it!

Blinking Warning Light

If warning light on your car dashboard is flashing these days, it indicates that something isn’t functioning right in your vehicle. This warning LED indicator is connected to auto-monitoring system in your vehicle which monitors hundreds of parts in your vehicle to ensure they are functioning right; but when any part seems to have trouble, this monitoring system signals you by flashing the warning light on your dashboard. The next time you see the warning light is ON, don’t ignore it. Instead consult your mechanic right away!


Many components in your car have liquid solutions stored into them for specific purposes. And the designing of the car is done to avoid leakage of these liquid base solutions. Yet, if you suspect a leak anywhere, take your car to a professional Car services provider and get the problem fixed. Leakage in air conditioning system and windscreen wiper are common in four-wheels.

Steering Imbalance or Vibration

While handling your steering wheel, if you are experiencing some vibration or imbalance then it’s wise to avoid using your car until you get the vehicle checked by an expert mechanic and fix the problem. If you are unable to control your car properly while on the road, it can lead to an accident. It’s not worth putting your safety at risk. Instead it is wise to book your servicing appointment immediately!

Be watchful for these tell-tale signs and take quick action before you end up with a major repair bill or meet a mishap. What’s more, always follow the recommended schedule for interim and full car services to keep your car in up-to-date condition and avoid emergencies!

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