Some Questions To Be Asked When Hiring eLearning Development Firm

For creating any kind of elearning course, be it K12 or corporate, contents tends to breathe in life. In case, the quality of the content is shallow, the learner cannot be expected to learn something new. While creating elearning course, there is a need to take content development quite seriously. When selecting professional developer, there are plenty of question that are to be asked and answered foe deriving the desired results.

Some Questions To Be Asked When Hiring eLearning Development Firm

Is Any Objective Present in the Session or is it Rudderless

The truth is all things take place due to some reason. The el earning session needs to be designed keeping in mind few objectives. In case, no objective is present in the session, then the desired results cannot be yielded. Some of the objectives to be looked into when designing the session include the following:

  • Having relevant information distributed related to policy procedures and compliance needs.

  • Clear communication of the message.

It is an objective that tends to drive the session for determining the project’s overall objective. Such targets define the path which needs to be treaded for designing the whole elearning program. Often developments needs could vary, with such variances effectively affecting the projects costs. Hence it is essential to have proper insight of the project’s objectives.

Has the Professional Designed Priority Triangle Before?

The triangle’s three angles comprise cost quality, and time. Both project coordinator or the developer and the entrepreneur are required to take care of all the angles. Every parameter (quality, time and cost) is to be analyzed to determine the project’s final scope.


Having a clear, well defined and logical deadline for the project completion is necessary. In case deadline is not present, the whole project is likely to be canceled. A timeline is considered to be great if a scope is left for making the necessary changes or modification on the projects. A tight deadline is not to be established since it does not leave any scope to make any future amendments. Even the deadlines are to have sufficient room for approvals and reviews.


The e-learning development company providing K12 development courses are required to understand the quality type expected by the clients. By and large, quality depends upon the course objectives. Generally the quality of the course is determined by the following:

  • Easy to navigate

  • Visually accurate and appealing

  • Needs to place the information properly

In case, the session is to communicate barely the information, it could perhaps have a better quality, since the objective tear is quite simple. But if interactivity is incorporated with the course structure, costs automatically spikes considerably for upholding the quality standards. The elearning qualities depend upon the objectives.


The session cost depends upon the below given factors:

  • How the developed session content is adopted?

  • Who is to undertake instructional design?

  • Understanding the interactivity types involved in the project like videos, audios, and texts.

It is always wise to hire an elearning content development firm that has been in the industry for quite a long time.

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