The Charisma Of Football

Football is one of the most popular team sports in the world that millions of spectators and participants love to watch and play. Many of these spectators never fail to seize the opportunity in keeping track of the latest news of their favorite football team and some of the most prominent football players. However, a few passionate football spectators do not shy away from promoting and popularizing this unique team sport among the children and adolescents.

The Charisma Of Football

These passionate football enthusiasts stress that this unique team sport teaches many essential skills that these children need to develop into mature and well-balanced adults. Jonathan Bunge is one such passionate football spectator from Cleveland, Ohio, who is enjoys promoting football among young children.

Jonathan Bunge like many other passionate football spectators finds that time to keep track of the latest news of this unique sport and favorite football team – the Cleveland Browns in spite of having a very busy schedule. Jonathan is a professional in the transport industry and his job takes him to distant places. Whenever, he gets the time he enjoys sharing his views about this unique sport with other passionate football enthusiasts along with his experiences on the road.

While Jonathan Bunge may not be a professional writer, many people may find his insights about this unique sport and its inherent benefits very educative and enlightening. In many of his articles and blog posts, he highlights the positive life skills that children can learn from playing this popular sport.

Football is essentially a team sport and a critical element that children learn while playing football is being a part of a team. In a team, each individual member has to depend on his fellow teammates for the success of the team in a match. In spite of the fact that not all team members have identical skills and abilities but they learn to coordinate with one another to overcome all obstacles and challenges on the football field. The vital communication skill that these children learn while playing this unique team sport assists them later in life when they have to interact their coworkers or colleagues at work.

Jonathan Bunge explains that while playing this unique sport, children and adolescents alike becoming proficient in taking calculated risks in spite of the fact such risks may lead to failure. Learning to take risks implies opening up to and adapting to new ideas that in all probability may or may not work. This unique sport also teaches these children how to manage disappointment with a positive attitude and implement essential changes for improvements in future games and decisions.

Moreover, these children learn to concentrate on their own individual performance rather than the ultimate outcome of the match. The ability to face challenges during a match or practice session, prevail over all obstacles and accepting a win or defeat with dignity are some of the essential social skills these children learn while playing football. This acts a catalyst in helping these children become positive and mature human beings.

Jonathan Bunge’s blog posts give such interesting insights on how learning to play football can install essential social skills in the minds of these young children.

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