The Dummies Guide To Distance BBA Courses

A degree in management endows you with the necessary skills in the managerial sphere, helping you to grow rapidly in the corporate ladder. A well structured study is not restricted to on campus programs; but online learning courses also offer a detailed curriculum along with industry visits and guest lectures from management faculty .


If you’re looking to join an undergraduate business program, and you want convenience and flexibility, distance BBA courses are the right choice. Upon completion of the 3 year undergraduate program, you can sign up for an MBA course with your choice of specialisation. There are a number of universities including Bharathidasan University which offer BBA through distance learning.

The course curriculum covers business economics, financial accounting & management, fundamentals of management & marketing, business statistics, and cost & management accounting.

Online learning courses are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages :

  1. Minimum eligibility requirements: You can pursue your distance BBA course after you have completed your class 12.  Even if you had discontinued your education for any reason, you can, at any point of time, irrespective of your age, enrol for a distance learning program and earn your qualification.
  1. Work and study: Do you have to take up employment for economic reasons? Worry not, your desire to study is fulfilled by distance learning. Studying at your own pace, after work hours, you can earn your degree and scale up in your organisation.
  1. Flexibility: Distance learning offers you the flexibility to set your study time table. The choice of study is with you; the subject, place and time.
  1. Cost Effective: The costs incurred on distance learning courses is definitely less than the fees of a full-time course.
  1. Develops networking skills: Distance learning widens your contacts base. Online discussions with hundreds of students can trigger your thought process and also open up opportunities for you for internships.

There is no doubt that online learning courses are quite advantageous, but you can go off track if you do not set schedules and adhere to them.  If you’re a dedicated student, distance learning courses offer you the chance to take up multiple courses of study; thus empowering you with skills that can enable you to reach a nadir on global platforms.

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