The Evolution Of A Newbie Blogger

In a world where everyone holds an opinion and an internet connection, blogs are very frequent and diverse in number. Blogging is all about expressing your opinion on an online platform that can be accessed by all. Like every novel concept, blogging is also a pretty interesting and exciting idea for beginners. With the passage of time this excitement is metamorphosed to maturity and experience.

The Evolution Of A Newbie Blogger

Mentioned below are the 5 stages that every blogger goes through-

  1. The newbie

Remember that rush of excitement you felt when you first posted your content on your new blog? Of course you do! It’s common among beginners to feel excited at the prospect of expressing themselves on a public platform. Every novel concept arouses curiosity and interest, its human nature! It is likely that a newbie would be frequently posting content or downloading every available e-book or application that is about blogging. The excited blogger is immature and with time he learns more about the concept of blogging. He’ll lap up every snippet of information about blogs or a celebrity blogger!

  1. The impatient blogger

Now that the blog is created and the first content posted, the blogger would continuously check the statistics i.e. the reader base. This is the next stage where the newbie is still hungover from the novelty of the concept of blogging. He is curious and incessantly checking his posts for new notifications or comments. This is the phase when the blogger is the most hyper. He can either be super excited at the prospect of a new viewer or be painfully disappointed when his hopes shatter. This is a stage where he is most vulnerable and frustrated for he does not have the maturity or patience to wait for his blog to bloom.

  1. The money maniac

This is the phase when the blogger is trying his level best to make a blog official to increase his reader base. He reads through hundreds of articles about the different monetization techniques. His only goal now is to maximise the profits and earn as much as possible. He then tries to make his blog more appealing and attractive by adding all sorts of banners, colours, and different extravagant flash videos etc. that are a bit over the top and ruthlessly advertises his blog on all websites. He searches relentlessly for various promotion techniques. The blogger is still immature and high on the idea of earning quick money, but gets frustrated when he fails to do so.

  1. The researcher

The blogger has now matured to a point where he is not influenced by the different luring traps and has struggled through the above stages coming out successful. He has now reached a phase where he starts reading and researching about his competitors or the other bloggers. He focuses more on their work, comparing it with his content. This is beneficial to the blogger if not overdone. Comparison results in improvement as well as disappointment. The blogger still hasn’t matured or become successful as he relentlessly reads through the works of famous bloggers instead of concentrating on bettering his own.

  1. The mature blogger

This is the final stage where the blogger has matured to a point where he remains calm and unfazed by his reader base or other stats. He has crossed all phases of excitement, impatience, curiosity, frustrations and immaturity. Now the blogger solely focuses on his purpose and ideas. He formulates a plan and sticks to it. Although he doesn’t have a large reader base, he is posting good, innovative and meaningful content that is bound to attract the interests of the audience sometime. He focuses more on quality than quantity of the content posted.

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