The Healing Power of Alternative Treatments


The world is fast awakening to the astonishing potential of alternative treatments. Previously, these treatments were widely ignored as superficial and archaic in nature. However, many credible studies have endorsed the effectiveness of these remedies on a number of diseases and health conditions. In fact, some alternative treatments such as massages, herbal remedies and acupuncture seem to be replacing mainstream therapies in solving certain health problems. Adherents of various alternative treatments consider them as safer, affordable and more natural than alternative treatments. Without doubt, the different types of alternative remedies continue to play crucial complementary roles in promoting the health of societies.

Acupuncture and its benefits

In every respect, acupuncture is one of the Chinese’s best health gifts to the modern world. We learnt from the originators of the practice that regular acupuncture is crucial for maintaining the harmony of the life forces that we need for healthy living. This treatment has spread rapidly to the world and gained popularity especially in developed societies. Pain management is one of the most acknowledged merits of acupuncture. Many people opt for acupuncture instead of alternative treatments because they consider it safer and somewhat pleasant to the body. In the opinion of some experts, this form of alternative treatment produces faster relief than conventional forms of treatment.

The power of herbal remedies

The noticeable resurgence of interest into various herbal remedies attests to their profound value in the field of medicine. Committed herbalists have often claimed major breakthroughs in the treatment of lung cancer, anxiety, menopause and skin conditions. The increasing use of turmeric to manage arthritis and colon cancer stands out as a clear proof of the effectiveness of herbal remedies. Rosemary and ginger are also used in the management of various cancers and conditions such as nausea. Herbal remedies offer alternative treatments for many other health conditions with varying levels of success.


Massage as an alternative therapy

The long list of benefits attributed to quality massage treatment include the reduction of stress, improvement of blood circulation and heightened mental alertness. According to notable Hong Kong massage therapists, regular visits to a massage treatment center is also associated with the rejuvenation of the lymphatic system. Many people who visit massage parlors regularly claim to experience significant improvements in the mobility of their joints and general flexibility. Quite often, doctors recommend massage treatment to promote the healing process for people who are recovering from soft tissue injuries. The treatment is also ideal for the elderly whose taut or frail muscles and tissues need some measure of vitality.

Alternative treatments are less riskier

The profound attention in alternative treatments is partly attributable to their low levels of risk. Despite the lack of independent statistics, it is widely held that alternative treatments pose a lesser risk to the patient than conventional treatments. The treatments may not be used for managing emergencies and highly complex cases, but they help in providing support to the other therapies. Moreover, these treatments are associated with remote possibilities of human error despite the fact that some practices such as acupuncture require high levels of expertise and close monitoring.

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