The Top Music Events Of 2016

Experiencing the rush of a live concert is something that can rarely be companred to any other experience. A music festival is an experience that even outshines that of a live show. Some music festivals are so exciting that music fanatics will travel from hundreds of miles away to experience the amazing rush of the live festival experience. It is very common that large corporations will partner with these music festivals to bring you the biggest acts in the world like Jay-Z, Coldplay, Radiohead, and The Foo Fighters. While among tens of thousands of your fellow music lovers you will be able to have the best music experience possible. Here are some of the greatest music festivals of 2016.

Glastonbury Festival

When you think of epic festivals in Europe, you are bound to think of the amazing Glastonbury Fest. This year, the biggest names to grace the stages were legendary. Muse, Adele, and Bring Me The Horizon were just a few of the amazing acts that took charge of these massive stages. However, Coldplay stole the spotlight of the festival as quite possibly one of the most epic live festival performances of 2016. The emotion provoking music performed by Coldplay always merits a crowd response that is unlike many other bands. However, Coldplay took it to the next level this year with the use of an amazing new technology. Xylobands are a not simply just another glowstick that you can wear to your favorite concert. These wristbands create a sea of light that can be controlled wirelessly by the head light designer at a concert. When Coldplay made use of this amazing technology, they created one of the most beautiful displays of music and live art that Glastonbury had ever seen.


South By Southwest

If you are into indie and upcomming music, South By Southwest is for you. You will find amazing new artists that you didn’t even know existed simply by attending this music fest. South By Southwest is an amazing part of Austin’s culture that brings the whole city to life. You will be able to enjoy the great tastes of the amazing food trucks and resturaunts before and after your favorite performances. Some bigger acts like Bloc Party, Kevin Gates, and Young M.A will make apperances at this event to show they are still supportive of the indie community. However, you are mostly going to be seeing smaller acts like All Dogs and Coldair. Overall, this is a very fun music event that you will be able to attend in order to experience underground indie music at it’s finest.

Made in America

The Made in America Festival is the brain child of business mogual and music legend Jay-Z. Streamed over Jay-Z’s music app Tidal, The Made in America Festival is one of the most accessible music festivals digitally today. Some of the biggest names in music will come together to perform amazing live shows that break barries of genres and pull fans of all music together. Travis Scott telling rap fans to form mosh pits and then climing trees to sing his hit songs are normal happenings at this festival that many would reffert to as lit. Chance the Rapper, Madeon, Adventure Club, and Rhianna are just a few examples of the amazing performers that will be turning this festival into one that is bound to be remembered as legendary.

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