Therapeutic Benefits of Various Massage Techniques

Massage has widely been accepted as both a mental and spiritual practice that allows the recipient to release negative energy while revitalizing their own mental and physical presence. Massages can take place in a variety of places, but typically will occur in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The massage should be geared toward the customer, and the masseuse will listen to your vocal requests as well as your body language to ensure that you are comfortable and getting the most out of your massage.

Sports Massage

This is the most common type of massage for athletes of both genders. Not only does it help relax the often tense mental state of the athlete, it restores joints, lowers adrenaline, relaxes muscles, and provides deep massaging into tight areas that may experience overuse. It is especially beneficial for soft tissue injuries.

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Thai Massage

Starting with a short meditation, Thai massage has come to be known as “Thai Yoga Massage” or just “Yoga Massage” Thai massage has been used for thousands of years, with traditional Thai massage still flourishing in Thailand. The massage itself utilizes pressure points, blood flow, breathing, kneading, rocking, and stretching to bring the body to a center of calm. The recipient of the massage will wear loose fitting clothing, with no inhibitive bracelets or watches, as the pulse will be taken throughout the massage. Thai massage can be uncomfortable to some, but will ultimately leave the recipient with a sense of total calm.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage typically focuses on one or two areas of chronic pain. It is best for recipients that have problems areas including the neck, back, shoulders, and legs. The idea is to release tension that is being held deep within the muscles and connective tissue.

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Sweedish Massage

Sweedish massage is a softer massage than the previous three. It utilizes gentle rubbing and kneading with long, interrupted strokes with the purpose of returning the body’s blood to the heart. Sweedish massage is the most common type of massage in the West, and provides health benefits including revitalization and relaxation.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage focuses on both the emotional and spiritual release of the recipient through bodily contact. Tantra is a form of awakening, incorporating both yin and yang energies. It relaxes, as typical of massage, but also energizes the recipient. This type of massage is popular in Hong Kong and often favored by couples. It aims to unite all aspects of the recipient’s body, leaving them feeling centered and at peace with themselves.

Trigger Point Massage

Like Deep Tissue and Sports massages, Trigger Point massages focus on one specific area, rather than the total body. The “trigger point” is the area of the body that is causing the massage recipient pain. The massage giver will work on the pain point using alternating pressure and tension release. Trigger Point massages can be very beneficial for those with chronic pain, as recipients often report lowered levels of pain after one massage.

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