There Is A Bit Of Recycled Steel In Our Lives

Steel is present in varied proportion in various items that we use in daily life. From cars to cans and from utensils to furniture, steel is perhaps the most widely used metal in our lives. But despite being a hard and durable metal, the usability of goods manufactured from it has a designated life span after which the items have to be discarded. These items then find its way to the waste bin to be disposed along with many other items that form the bulk of waste disposal. During the course of waste disposal, it was discovered that the metal content in steel items could be recovered and re-used for making new steel items once again This led to the process of discovery of recycling methods for steel.

There Is A Bit Of Recycled Steel In Our Lives

Incidentally, steel is the most recycled metal on the Earth and it would not be wrong to think that it tops the list of all other recycled materials. The high rate of recycling of steel adds to the high turnover of the recycling industry. The recycling industry has attracted investments from prominent business enterprises like Fred B Barbara trucking that has formed various companies in the areas of sanitation and waste management.

Why Recycling?

There is a history to the recycling process that has now become a multibillion dollar industry.  During the course of evolution of the methods of waste management there came a time when available land for landfills started to become scarce. This was a result of increased consumption of materials by the ever growing population of the world.  The methods of waste management were not at all conducive for the environment that was affected adversely by crude methods of waste disposal.  Pollution levels increased due to improper waste management techniques. The other reason that prompted recycling was the discovery of recycling methods of various items that otherwise was thrown away as scrap.

Advantages of Recycling

  • Saves natural resources and energy – When any item like steel, which has very high consumption, is recycled it means that the consumption of iron ore, from which steel is manufactured also gets reduced. In the process iron ore which is a natural resource is conserved because the raw material for steel manufacturing is made available from recycled steel. Almost 1.5 tons iron ore is conserved per ton of steel manufactured from recycled raw material. In the production process, water usage is reduced by 40 percent and 5 tons less coal per ton of steel is required.  
  • Less landfills – Since a large chunk of steel is removed from the load of waste, it results in fewer landfills which translate into better living conditions by protecting the environment.
  • Retains strength – Recycled steel is as strong as steel made from virgin raw materials regardless the number of times it is recycled.

Fred B Barbara trucking company could identify the immense potential of the recycling industry and invested hugely in various companies that are engaged in the recycling business that depends heavily on steel.

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