Things To Do Before Purchasing A Used Car

You have toiled hard for years to get to taste success in life. Now it is time to enjoy the good things in life and also get recognition from your friends and family. Among the good things that you need to enhance your status in the society, a car from a well-known brand is a must. Among numerous brands available in the market, Mercedes have its own charm. However, if you find the price tag of a Mercedes car a bit stiff for your liking, then you can go for used Mercedes cars for a fraction of the cost of a newer model.

Things To Do Before Purchasing A Used Car

Reputation of the Dealer

One of the important things you should consider when you are planning to buy a used Mercedes model (or any other second-hand car) is to dig for information about the reputation of the dealer. If you see that the dealer has very few second-hand cars in his stock, then it would be wise not to seek his service in acquiring your dream car.

Condition of the Car

You should not be taken in by the looks of the car, take an expert with you who will look at the car minutely including any sign of tampering of its VIN number or the odometer to give a false picture of the car which he is offering to sell. Beside the car, you should also check the papers of the car in detail. Like whether the name of the owner and the address in the papers given to you matches the real one. The VIN number given in the papers should be same as the one printed on various parts of the car. You should also look whether the car is involved in any court case or is it a stolen property.

All the Legal Hurdles should be Crossed

Before you make any payment for the used Mercedes car, it is essential that you transfer the registration of the car in your name. Additionally, you should submit form 32 and 35 that will tell you that the car which you are buying does not have any pre-existing loan component to it. If the earlier owner has purchased the car through a bank or any other financial institution, then it is incumbent on you to obtain a ‘no objection certificate’ from the same. Also get the insurance papers on your own name along with the pollution-check certificate from the dealer.

Complete Overhaul of Engine and Brake Oil

Before you take your first ride in the used Mercedes car you have purchased, it would be advisable that you take the car to a good garage and do a complete overhaul of the car. This should include brake fluid and engine oil change, checking the tyre pressure and servicing the engine. Only then you can enjoy your car without any hassle.

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