Top 5 Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras

We love our home and do everything possible to protect it against any danger. However, taking precautionary measures like installing home security cameras in and around the home can even give better protection to your home and family. Here’re the well-researched tips, “Where to install security surveillance cameras in home”. Here you are.

Top 5 Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras

Front Door

If researchers to be believed, around 34% of burglars break into the home through the front door as they find it easy to enter. So, you also have to be well planned to tackle the problem. Why not install a home security camera at the front door. Not just install it whether check;

If the security camera captures the clear faces: You need to make sure that the home security camera you have installed is properly placed and capture the clear view. Sometimes, intruders can escape the security surveillance if they are not installed at the right place.

If it is easily accessible: Burglars can easily break in the home. Therefore, place high above the reach so that no one can reach it easily.

If the camera is enclosed with mesh wiring: Mostly burglars smash camera using errant rocks, sticks, so the better solution is to enclose it with mesh wiring.

Almost all experts suggest peephole camera can be the best options to watch out who the hell intruders are at the gate.

First Floor Is At High Risk

Especially, because we do not remember it keep the door and windows closed every time. This is what gives home enemy and burglars chance to easily enter the house. Almost 23% of incidents whether it theft or robbing happen through the first-floor window. Particularly, windows are the most vulnerable spots and easy access point. So, the smart step is to install a security camera to the back door –especially street-facing window. Such as;

  • Exactly right above the street facing window
  • Inside the street-side room
  • Point out the camera to the window

If you have installed the security camera in the home, then it will have a couple of benefits. You can catch the windows peeper. Most cases, thieves first inspect through the window. Most of the thieves are from the nearby your area. So, it will help you to get the thieves right before they take their plan into action.

Back Door

You may be surprised to know that thieves know how easily they can break into your home through the back door. So, you need to protect with a perfect home security camera. Again, make sure that the camera you have installed is waterproof and has the night vision feature. More than that ring it with mesh wiring so that it cannot be easily broken.

Backyard or Side Gate

I think, you must be aware of that the thieves do enter for cash or jewellery only. They love everything found to be expensive, no matter, whether it is expensive lawn, garden machinery, recreational equipment or kids’ toys. So, it better to tighten the security with a high quality motion sensor floodlight and if possible install night vision surveillance camera in the backyard. These are high-tech devices. They are available in the market at the affordable prices. So, buy home security system camera online and protect your home and family against all bad elements.

Hey, Is Your Garage Secure

Many of us keep thinking that there is no need of installing security cameras in the garage, assuming that no one is going the steal the car or bike. But what about the accessories. They can easily be taken away. So, one camera in your garage has to be installed.

In short, do share your tips if you have any regarding “The place to install a security camera at home” in the comment below.

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