Understanding The Factors Critical In Celebrity Management

Celebrity advertising has become a trend nowadays. People are paying extras to agencies for hiring celebrities for their events. This not only provides enough entertainment to their audience but also makes it a memorable event for them. People remember the events or brands to which celebrities are associated. This creates enough promotion of their brand in between the general crowd.

Because of this trend, live music agencies in London are becoming quite popular. Celebrity advertising is quite an effective marketing strategy. To promote their brand, every other company is choosing celebrity advertising as an important part of global marketing. The right celebrity if used in the right way can undoubtedly prove to be a powerful asset for a brand.

Celebrity management is usually seen as a business that merely attaches the celebrity to the brand in order to get that added advantage. However the actual job requires much more than this. It’s about choosing a celebrity whose characteristics are in line with the brand image.

If one thinks the celebrity management is an easy task. Well, it is exciting, but not that simple. And the more popular the celebrity, the more the tantrums and demands; this is a common fact. One should at any time be ready to deal with last minute delays and cancellations on behalf of the celebrity. The event manager becomes the face of the celebrity and a big responsibility for their actions rests on him/ her.

Understanding The Factors Critical In Celebrity Management

Though a production team is not directly involved in the selection or cost of a celebrity, they could bear in mind the following points:

Celebrity price – Remember, celebrities come with a huge price tag and can have a certain customer loyalty, however, no member of a production team is directly involved in such matters as are within the domain of the marketing team.

Celebrity credibility factor – Celebrities not only have their fans and admirers but detractors too. Even huge stars and other high profile personalities have been known to evoke the response, “I really hate that guy.” One of your objectives is creating and defining the image to minimize the negative.

Crisis in the hiring of Celebrities – Perhaps the least considered factor in the decision to use a paid celebrity endorser is the possibility that one day the celebrity will embarrass you or worse yet, spread negative publicity or get involved in a major scandal.

Understanding The Factors Critical In Celebrity Management

Important pointers relating to celebrity handling:

  • Knowing the time the celebrity reaches the venue

  • Providing coordinator/ s to meet and greet the celebrity at the venue entrance

  • Escorting to his/ her seat

  • Ensuring that the hostesses responsible for protocol are advised to ensure that the celebrity has a comfortable stay at the venue

  • Ensuring that there is proper cordoning off of this area to ensure that no physical harm from enthusiastic customers / media personnel creates a problem for the celebrity

  • Remember that the celebrity has been chosen by the company and not by the customer.

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