Walking Out Of A Limo On High School Prom Night: Know How Much It Costs

High school is special, an inevitable part of life that every human rejoices. We never cherish the privileges we have, unless they become a part of our memories. We hate going to high schools and give reasons to avoid school, and then comes the prom night marking an end to school life band all the fun.

For some of us high school was bad, and for others it was great, depending on who and how they were.  Leaving all aside, prom night is special to everybody. It’s one chance to make your presence felt and leave a mark, time to end high school and an opportunity to make it memorable.

Walking Out Of A Limo On High School Prom Night: Know How Much It Costs

How can we do it?

The answer is classic clothes, a classy tuxedo with a stylish pair of boots, and an amazingly 90’s sexy hair style.This is what everyone else will do, so, how to set the levels high. Make it pure classic ‘Vintage style’ and drive a Limousine to the prom night.  Step out of your limo an exclusive entry with your prom date and make your mates jealous of you.

Question that pops up as you think of limo, how much would it cost. Hiring a Limo might cost you your entire savings, or the low hiring cost might shock you depending on who you ask for it.

Prom night is special for every teenager and the expenditure should be the least you should worry about.

How much limo rental cost

A standard six seater limo will cost you $65-$100 per hour and if you want to be the single occupant, you might end up paying $130-$140 per hour excluding the extra charges. Most companies run offers for 4-6 hours prom nights which might cost you between  $400-$600 which you can opt for and save some money.

How to manage the limorent, some useful hacks  

Limo can cost you too much, and high school proms are invitation to inevitable expenses. But with some useful hacks you can save some dollars.

  • Friends, they are your musketeers every time you are in some problem, no matter of which kind it is. Your idea of hiring a limo, share it with them and I am sure they will like it. Sharing the limo cost by the no of people you plan for transporting. You’re friends can help you save, why not call all of them.
  • Rentals are gonna be charged according to no of hours, make sure you don’t waste a single moment to get in the limo as soon as the driver honks the horn. Aware your friends to avoid any avoidable delays.
  • Look for renters who don’t ask for extra charges like fuel charges which is usually between 5% to 10%, and the administration charges costing upto 20% including the driver’s tip.
  • Some companies also charge per stop rental fee which can be avoided, fix one pickup point with mutual discussion.
  • Talk to a local dealer to avoid toll charges, if any in your travel route.
  • Manage your time and decrease per hour extra rental.
  • Choose for special split offers. Many companies offer prom special scheme, your limo will be available for two hours before and after prom cutting away your expenses for the waiting time rental.

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