Why! Chocolates Are Actually Good For Your Health!

More often than not we have picked up a box of chocolates to gift to a loved one and then kept it back on the shelves thinking that it might not be a rather unhealthy choice for a gift. However, this idea that chocolates do not make a very healthy gift is about to go through a change after you hear what a lot of studies, being conducted around the world, are saying about it. In short, chocolate is actually good for your health!

Why! Chocolates Are Actually Good For Your Health!
So, if you want to send chocolates by post to that special someone or a loved one you will actually be gifting them a box of yummy goodies with a bunch of health benefits. Let’s take a look at what some of the studies say about how chocolates help us with your health problems:

  1. Decreases the risk of diabetes: Amazing right! A study conducted in Italy has shown that people who eat more chocolate than others develop a sort of insulin sensitivity which increases over time and this minimizes the risk of diabetes by various degrees! Want to avoid the insulin shots later in your life? Then indulge in a few dark chocolate treats today!
  2. Chocolates before exams: It might actually be a smart move to drink some hot chocolate before the day of your exams while studying. A study conducted in Britain shows that children who had a cup of hot steaming cocoa found it much easier to deal with math problems and counting backwards than the others. So, now you know what to drink right before your math exams!
  3. Takes care of your heart: As our age progresses, we become prone to various health hazards, the most common one being heart attacks. It has been seen in studies across countries that chocolates do reduce the formation of blood clots and this in turn helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks.
  4. Stroke-free benefit for women: A study conducted in Sweden has shown that if a woman consumes about 45gms or more weight of chocolate in a week then it works wonders in reducing the risk of suffering from a sudden stroke. Now you know what to do if you want to keep yourself stroke-free!
  5. Stop weight gain: Can you believe it? Dark chocolate can actually help you in controlling your weight gain issues! Dark chocolates are vey filling and hence after consuming some, one looses the desire to eat something sweet or salty. So if you are trying to cut back on your eating habits, you might try popping one or two dark chocolate bars. Now, you can actually send thank you chocolate gifts hamper to a friend, who you know is on a diet, but just make sure that they are dark chocolates only.
  6. Live longer and healthier: It has been seen, according to a study conducted in the Harvard University that those who consume chocolates are more likely to live longer than the rest!

So, do you want a healthier and more risk free longer life? Well, then the best solution for you is- chocolates!

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